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Nokia Lumia 1020 battle in Poland, we unbendable that a habitual battle would not be ample to show the main facial appearance of the camera. So we came up with an thought that would allow customers to see for themselves why the capabilities of the Nokia Lumia camera 1020 are much best than the struggle. The thought was that customers venues / locations in the cities show they were by now habitual with, but from a absolutely uncommon perspective – from the air. We chose three cities – Wroclaw, Krakow and Warsaw, where we have a Nokia Lumia 1020 a drone shot and take 33 small films, as well as hundreds of sites pre-elected descriptions. We have all the equipment in a Nokia Copter dyed-in-the-wool mobile concentration collected, bent in the bestow user boundary, so that any owner of the Windows Phone contrivance would be able to explore the three cities from a new perspective. Spots and descriptions filmed with points manifest not just by clicking on the bearing to be thorough, but also by the integrated map. The concentration is void in buff up and English. In the first month of the battle, the app has been downloaded more than 51 478 times and has expected clear reviews in the App Store (4 of 5).


app: Building of:

By: Wunderman, Poland
Creative Boss Marcin Wojtulewicz
Art Boss: Artur Marcinkiewicz
Bonus Credits: Piotr Piotr Bialic JazdoŇĄczyk
In print: October 2013

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