G.I. Joe-Themed Episode of Community Is Packed With Retro Awesomeness

NBC's Community regularly pays tribute to its characters' pop culture obsessions, but it still came out of left field when the last episode focused on protagonist Jeff's love of G.I. Joe. 

Not a knockoff legally distinct from G.I. Joes, either, but the actual Joe toys and cartoons themselves, both owned whole cloth by Hasbro, which is apparently totally cool with integrating its product into a really good episode of an extremely dark comedy (Jeff was hallucinating about children's toys after mixing pills and alcohol).

One of the best things showrunner Dan Harmon and his team managed to do was include some slightly-too-real advertisements for toys based on the characters:

It's all series-accurate, too. Overly earnest feminist Britta is "Buzzkill," uptight Annie is "Tight Ship," motherhood-crazed Shirley is "Three Kids," meta Abed is "Fourth Wall," and Jeff Winger is "Wingman." Each sold separately. And if the show taught us one thing, it's that collecitng 1980s military toys is a perfectly reasonable obsessi…er, hobby for an adult man and there is nothing unusual about it. 

And of course the episode had to include one of G.I. Joe's "Knowing Is Half the Battle" PSAs featuring characters from the show:

We'd post more of the ads, but they seriously make up about a third of the episode, so just check out the whole thing below:

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