If Yahoo really apologized to Google for Mocking down?

from when Google services apparently no one wins. Case in point:. Rival Yahoo is a coward to tweets,

“Today, published a tweet, which reflects poor judgment and was removed” the he added Gmail outage world mocked note on Twitter today at 04.30 clock Eastern today delete Yahoo . “We apologize for @ @ Google and Gmail Team.”

Instead praised for a change of heart and sportsmanship, Yahoo felt the wind of the critical turn against the company quickly. Some of the respondents accused Yahoo simply seek to avoid such a hypocrite when she faces her own e-mail failure in the future, while others said was simply retreat want “laaaaammme.”

Here Below you will find the original Yahoo Tweet (at least four times a trademark technique before it was released deleted) to see and can excuse some of the many answers.

( . screenshot via marketing field)

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