Why Captain Morgan and Starz Canon’s link to another duel from LA billboards

duel disks? Yes, yes, that’s what applies to Starz, in a partnership with Captain Morgan pleased with this poster campaign in Los Angeles for his new pirate show Michael Bay produced Black Sails, which persuaded yourself the top of the first original score network with 3 , 5 million viewers this weekend.

The show has a significant presence in the geekosphere for a year and a half had now. “I think this is the longest lead campaign that I’ve ever worked with,” Alison Hoffman said, please original programming, communication marketing for Starz. . “We went to Comic Con in San Diego, of course, and we decided the entire first episode to filter, and we had overflow, as we have done it again,”

Hoffman adds: “You always want your reach, expand and Captain Morgan was a kind of first choice for us is this survival, hustler, thief Black Sails quality, and there are more fun and adventure for the brand Captain Morgan., and it was then that we realized that we probably not going to hold hands, we should be at war. “

So in war, they are, with two plates by Sunset Boulevard, complete with cannons (cannons and holes). Campaign includes other extravagances of the house, including some background lighting, radiant bus ads. And while Hoffman said the network had a non-Peglegs, non-eye shells approach the correct exposure, there was the opportunity to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day, among other steps associated friend.

“It is bold and real,” says Hoffman, “but at the same time … it’s pirates.”

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