Clorox Explains Emoji Tweet That Many Thought Was Weirdly Racist

Some long-awaited ethnically diverse emojis were added to iOS today, and all the world is pleased. Well, the world was pleased until it saw this Clorox tweet.

The brand sent out an odd thought Wednesday sundown featuring a pot of its improve made up of emojis, and the line, “New emojis are alright but where’s the improve.” Given the timing, it set the Internet on fire, with many wondering if Clorox meant the diverse emoji must all be sun-bleached white. (There were no face emojis in the tweet, even if.)

Even with intense evaluation, Clorox left the tweet up, at least as of this prose, even if it did stay on up with a rejoinder, adage it just meant that emojis like toilets, bathtubs and wine glasses might need to be sun-bleached at some point. Odd, then, that none of those emojis appeared in the first image, any.

Well, we’re not sure if Clorox knows how Chirrup works, but there’s an simple way to “improve away” a tweet—the rub out pin. Both tweets are now still there gathering observations.

And it’s isn’t sweet. Below is a sampling of consequence to the first tweet.

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