Here Are 3 Fun New ‘Be Like Mike’ Gatorade Ads to Go With the Remastered One

Can we be even more like Mike?

Gatorade's 50th anniversary celebration continues with three spots from TBWA\Chiat\Day, each reimagining the iconic Michael Jordan-inspired "Be Like Mike" clink we've been buzzing for near a split up century.

An astoundingly remastered translation of the first Bayer Bess Vanderwarker ad from 1992 was unveiled last month all owing to the NBA's All-Star weekend. Visuals from that spot grow in these three new commercials, but each has its own only one of its kind vibe.

"Dance Like Mike," my pet, feels like the '70s, with retro-cool animations and a justly funky take on the song. "Go Like Mike" finds gym rats, inspired by confirmation of No. 23 before a live audience on monitors nearly the place, effective out and scrimmaging to subtly persistent beats. (Maybe the NBA will adopt that backboard video cover to blast ads all owing to games.) "Dream Like Mike" shows a kid before a live audience driveway hoops hostile to MJ, a bold mix of "Be Like Mike" pouring him to new heights.

The clips are fun, multilayered and reward manifold plays. Animal Music did a fine job with the remixes, charitable all three versions a fresh sound while staying right to the moral fiber of the first. There's just one conundrum. Now, that damn song will be stuck in my head for at least a additional 23 years!

Client: Gatorade
Furnish: TBWA\Chiat\Day, Los Angeles
Creative Boss: Renato Fernandez
Art Boss: Slice Thiot
Copywriter: Scott Cleveland
Producer: Stranglehold Askew
Music Manufacture Companionship: Animal Music

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