Intuit Brews a Special Beer for Accountants Only Called CPA IPA

Tax time of year is hell for accountants. But in Rhode Island this year, it's been a modest less brutal than usual, thankfulness to this fun promotion by Perceive.

Perceive makes software called QuickBooks Online Accountant, which helps accountants deal with and help clients in one place. To promote it, the companionship amalgamated with a local brewery to make a only one of its kind beer for accountants only—CPA IPA. It then bought ads in the Rhode Island press touting pleased hours in a roundabout way the state, where accountants loved some free beer to de-stress. (Perceive chose Rhode Island since it's a less vital promote and since craft beer is huge in the Northeast.)

Of way, only one ad furnish could maybe make a CPA IPA. Yes, it was done by RPA.

More descriptions and a video below.

Client: Perceive
Furnish: RPA
EVP, CCO: Joe Baratelli
SVP, GCDs: Nathan Crow, Adam Lowrey
ACDs: Joao Medeiros, Alex Goulart
Designer: Lauren Geschke
Sr. Art Boss: Jessie Echon
Photographer: Mark Tripp
Art Buyer: Jessica Fedynyshyn
Producer: Annie Boyle

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