Jack in the Box Unveils the World’s Largest Coupon, an 8-Story-High Monstrosity

I'm sure we've all had some unappealing theories about how Jack in the Box would grasp a Guinness World Confirmation ("Most Broadcast Made Uncomfortable by Spine-chilling Lucky charm" was my guess). But the quick-food chain just unveiled the world's chief ticket, made to promote its new Sweet Jack burger.

Yes, Sweet Jack sounds like one of those Dutch celebration monsters fake to scare kids, but it's in fact a split up-pound burger with garlic herb butter melted on top. It was meant to scare adults!

Anyhow, the ticket is 80 feet by 25 feet, and as you can see in the video, it took more than 12 broadcast to carry it owing to Los Angeles to Hollywood's W Hotel. A mobile depiction of the ticket counts as a ticket itself, and can be redeemed for a free burger until Wednesday. Oh God, that's April Fools' Day. If they have a touch intended for that, I don't want to know what it is.

Furnish: David&elephant.

Client: Jack in the Box
CMO & SVP Menu Innovation & Execution: Keith Guilbault
VP Menu Approach & Innovation: Iwona Alter
Exchanges Administrator: Lauren Ohlsson
Boss of Innovation & Shared Date: Jen Kennedy
Innovation Machinate Manger: Mikim Luu
Shared Media Administrator: Rah Mahtani

Furnish: David&elephant, LA
Inventor & Chairman: David Angelo
Chief Creative Detective: Colin Jeffery
Group Creative Boss: Ben Purcell
Group Creative Boss: Steve Yee
Sr. Art Boss:  Rob Casillas
Sr. Copywriter:  Courtney Pulver
Boss of Announce Manufacture: Paul Albanese
Sr. Announce Producer: Karen Jean 
Boss of Print Air force: Meredith Walsh
Group Tab Boss: Michele Tebbe
Tab Boss: Frith Dabkowski
Tab Administrator: Kristina Papillion
Sr. Machinate Administrator: Lila Anton

PR Furnish: MWW
Inventor & CEO: Michael Kempner
EVP and All-function Administrator, Western Province: JP Schuerman

Manufacture Companionship: Grandesign
Executive Producer: Bob Ridgeway
Line Producer: Thomas Campbell
Sales Expressive: Aileen Shaw

Laser printer of Ticket: BP Graphics

Editorial House: Spinach LA      
Administration Boss / Editor: Adam Sharp
Cinematographer: Art Castle
Producer: Jonathan Carpio

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