Maker of Giant Tablets Has a Magician Accost People on the Street and Supersize Their iPads

If you could magically turn your iPad into a much better dosage, would you?

Fuhu is promoting its giant new Nabi drug. (They're void in 24-, 32-, 43-, 55- and startling 65-inch versions.) To that end, it made a new actuality-style video featuring juggler Adam Trent, one of seven stars in stage show The Illusionists, pretending to transform unsystematic broadcast's iPads into Nabis, further than the glass-box Apple store on Fifth Chance in New York.

It's excellent, undisruptive, not-at-all earth-earth-shattering fun, frequently donation a new twist on classic magic tricks, like Trent pretending to pull strawberries out of the ordinary video game Fruit Ninja—since duh, the pledge is just that excellent.

But the best part is by far when that one modest kid in the end tells the silly magic man to take back some of these freaking strawberries, idiot, since there are too many, and what is he, some kind of fruit sherpa?

As for the Nabi, we'll leave it to you whether you want to carry a TV nearly and pretend it's a dosage. From the bottom of your heart, it's so huge it has a soubriquet—but maybe that just makes it cooler.

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