Ricky Gervais Phones It In in Hilariously Honest Ads Introducing Netflix to Australia

Ricky Gervais is the essential anti-pitchman in this droll set of ads for Australian broadband and cable companionship Optus, promoting its deal to bring Netflix to the broadcast.

The creator of The Personnel and Extras, who's done Netflix ads before to, is less attracted in discussion about Optus and more attracted in bluster about how much they paid him and how modest try he place into the pitch. He also delivers the whole thought in his brand stupidly arrogant David Brent style.

There's also a amusing spot in which he rushes to get the discussion points in before to the ad-skip pin appears for YouTube listeners.

The battle was bent by APN News & Media's make pleased marketing arm Delicate in collaboration with M&C Saatchi and Fuel Exchanges.

"Allowing Ricky to take power of the scripts and give up it with his globally celebrated comedy style was a bold go which could only take place with a progressive brand like Optus. We're all chuffed with the consequence," says Delicate CEO Simon Joyce.

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