TV Station Cuts to Reporter for the Weather and He’s Ordering McDonald’s Instead

It's gotta be tough to work the weather beat this winter on the East Coast. Well, here's a pretty hilarious video out of Baltimore, showing Fox 45's Candace Dold tossing to "Traffic Jam Jimmy"—who just happens to be in the McDonald's drive-through, trying to order a fish sandwich. 

"Hey Candace, we're live? Whoops!" he says. "Hey, I've been in the car since 4 o'clock. I'm starvin'. I'm just gettin' somethin' real quick" Then a quick shout at the drive-through attendant "Hey! Is it too early to get a fish sandwich?!"

What's great about the video is that the station just runs with it, showing the orange-bearded, O's-capped Jimmy improvising the segment—and his meal, as it was still breakfast time.

Home video of the segment has been circulating around Facebook, but it seems Fox 45 is taking pride in the goof—it uploaded the segment to YouTube and has given us a perfect copy of the moment. 

Take a look at the video—and Let's Go O's!

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