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Loctite: Positive feelings

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Lemonade Films: Drama

Great movies, tiny budgets. Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Tailor Made, Sao Paulo, Brazil Chief Creative Officer: Marcelo Reis Creative Directors: Vinicius Stanzione, Alessandro Bernardo Art Director: Ricardo Alonso Copywriter: Flavia Coradini Photographer: Nano Cunha Graphic Producers: Zezinho Lima, Ricardo Sotelo Art Buyers: Stella Crippa, Mauro Moura Graphic: Burti Accounts: Pablo Arteaga, Cintia Mourao, Daniela Ferreira, […]

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SodaStream Super Bowl ad again rejected the demand for Coca-Cola and Pepsi

what seems to have become an annual tradition outrage feint says SodaStream their proposed this year Super Bowl ad was rejected, to mention Coca-Cola and Pepsi. The marketing team reported after the do-it-yourself drink machines brewing USA Today that Fox requires the advertiser to a scene in which the celebrity spokesperson to remove Scarlett Johansson: […]

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Super Bowl Teaser Jaguar presents his first UK Bad Guy, Ben Kingsley

the door a little earlier than his rival loin automakers to first time Super Bowl advertiser Jaguar’s called a teaser clip for his announcement day game and similar microsite BritishVillains.com started. While the teaser is not much light on the plot of the next place, Jaguar theme “Good to Be Bad”, it shows that the […]

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Children Cheerios clock display with interracial parents do not understand foot

Children have the strangest looking at things. For example: you are not very racist! This truism is brought back home in this video from the Fine Brothers, in which children aged 7 to 13 years are invited to react to Saatchi & Saatchi Cheerios commercial with the famous interracial couple. And what do you know, […]

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March fired

If you get fired. If you dismissed two months retirement. If you . retirement dismissed two months with a golden parachute Return on track. Agency: CLMBBDO, Paris, France Executive Creative Director: Matthieu Elkaim creation: Benjamin Marchal, Olivier Lefebvre Artistic Director: Anthony Lietart Copywriter: Sebastien Duhaud Photographer: Anthony Lietart Director: Julien Lemoine Account Director: Jonathan SeroG […]

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Raccoon: Login

class=”field maple field-name-body”> 100%. Hand in Quebec.

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