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What Each Mother or father Must Know About Teen Rehab

What Every Parent Needs to Know About Teen Rehab Here’s what you need to know about addiction treatment for teenagers. Gavin’s family knows he needs help. Gavin knows he needs help. At 16, he is on a destructive path of addiction that will soon lead to overdose and death if he doesn’t change direction – […]

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Drug Coverage Alliance Government Director to Launch Groundbreaking Guide about Corruption, Medicine, and the Battle for Rights in Colombia

Whereas working in Colombia, the epicenter of the worldwide struggle on cocaine, Drug Coverage Alliance Government Director Maria McFarland Sánchez-Moreno noticed the devastation wrought by the drug struggle firsthand. Her fast-paced new nonfiction e-book – There Are No Lifeless Right here: A Story of Homicide and Denial in Colombia – presents classes in regards to […]

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Fourteen issues Trump must find out about opioids

      President Trump is promising to increase efforts to fight the growing opioid addiction crisis. Trump met recently with victims of opioid addiction and members of his committee who will address the growing crisis. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is set to lead the commission. “Opioid abuse has become a crippling problem throughout […]

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Shield around about Reclaim Rubber

shielding the environment over Reclaim Rubber Nature provides us with sufficient resources, but many destructive habits of man are the environment ruthlessly destroyed. It’s all because of our actions that we are facing events such as global warming, acid rain, depletion of the ozone layer and the deterioration of water in streams and air in […]

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Quotes about hope

quotes about hope quotes about hope If you need some hope, look for the good in others, in yourself, and in your Maker. At various times throughout life, there are setbacks and tragedies. These bad things are part of being human. Hope is what keeps us going and helps us to find happiness and joy […]

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One stop place to find about Shakespeare Quotes

one stop place to find about Shakespeare quotes She came as a lady of compassion, a heart full of love must be known. She is loved by people of all religions in the world. From birth she was a Yugoslavian- Born in 1910 she was a Yugoslav citizen by birth. She was given a name […]

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Royal Life Saving: Sinker – Corbin

Advertising Agency: 303Lowe, Sydney, Australia Executive Creative Director: Richard Morgan Copywriter: David Biddle Art Director: Sal Cavallaro Head of Art: Adam Whitehead Digital Creative Director: Phil Watson Sound: We Love Jam Planner: Daniel Clarke Photographer: Belinda Rolland Production Manager: Serena Rettenmaier Designers: Paula Cardona, Tom Davey Business Manager: Laura Dewy Client Service Director: Tony Dunseath […]

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10 Ad Mascots You Probably Didn’t Know Were Related to Kermit The Frog

Jim Henson creations have a storied history in advertising, going back to the 1950s, when a violent proto-Kermit pitched Wilkins Coffee with 10-second TV spots. Tappy, the latest creation from Jim Henson's Creature Studio, is similarly off-kilter in his role as a living credit card reader at a checkout counter.  Tappy is the new voice […]

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Suva Accident Insurance: Arm, 2

Personal assistance after an accident. Advertising Agency: Ruf Lanz, Zurich, Switzerland Creative Directors: Danielle Lanz, Markus Ruf Art Director: Isabelle Hauser Copywriter: Maren Beck Photographer: Rico Rosenberger

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Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles: More Grip. More Safety., 3

More grip. More safety. Advertising Agency: Grabarz & Partner, Hamburg, Germany Chief Creative Officer: Ralf Heuel Creative Directors: Diana Sukopp, Mathias Lamken, Christian Soldatke, Andreas Miller Art Director: Thomas Fritze Copywriter: Vincent Mehdi Fazelly Photographer: Tobias Habermann Account Executive: Kathrin Borchard Published: January 2014

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Shown irritating PSA smoking mothers as a psychopathic murderer

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Robot helicopter hovering over form Starfleet logo London to promote the film Star Trek Next

Given how you these days hear drones It is surprising that we did not see waterfalls marketing with remote hoverbots. But Paramount Pictures has something interesting this weekend managed quad rotors with light to create a Star Trek logo on London. Promotion, the final film in the Star Trek franchise, Into Darkness was planned, the […]

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Visa Super Bowl teams predicted before the season just started

Brothers Harbough can not see it coming, but Visa did. Back in the fall, hit the company’s two TBWA Chiat Day Announcements advertising his visa program offers NFL fan The purpose of these ads? The San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens. This is a nice piece of luck for a brand whose Super Bowl […]

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Hill Holliday Spreads Happiness With “social experiments” in Boston

Every advertisement is trying to sell happiness, which means that the purchase of certain goods or services, you will feel better than before. Try pitching himself lucky to communicate the seriousness of the concept and its importance in our daily life is a different matter, and it is the task metaphorical Hill Holliday pro bono […]

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Google introduced real world this is irritating, Internet

Google Analytics has developed a series of videos that bad web design can be a business website online shit we do not operate a store of brick and mortar. It intuitive search and website design that allows you to prevent the item that you are looking for, in this case, a grocery store, who find […]

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Raccoon: Login

class=”field maple field-name-body”> 100%. Hand in Quebec.

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Lexus: Recalculation

class=”field-item odd”> class=”field field-name-body”> Advertising Agency: DentsuBos, Toronto, Canada Creative Director: Andy Manson Art Director: Andy McKay Copywriter: Shelly Dwyer Production Company: Untitled Films Producer: Anna Tricinci Director: John Mastromonoco Postproduction: CoqHouse Audio: Grayson Matthews As of June 2012

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Cyberbullying is

Bullying is young become a major issue for many People all over the world. We decided to make a video that we thought that creating draw attention to the problem. Please share and publish. The effects of bullying Advertising Agency: Magnum Opus, Melbourne, Australia Creative : Pat Langton Other Credits: Matt Langton The Best Global […]

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