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It’s True – Girls Do Expertise Dependancy In a different way

Ever wonder how addiction impacts women differently than men? Women experience a wealth of unique health challenges, many of which remain under-treated or poorly addressed. Addiction is no exception, according to Dr. Lipi Roy, a physician specializing in addiction. In a recent Forbes article, Dr. Roy points out the main gender differences between men and […]

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This Thinker Says Dependancy Stigma Prevents Restoration

Unfounded stigmas and stereotypes can block access to addiction treatment. Thousands of people are unnecessarily dying because we misinterpret how those struggling with addiction think, according to a philosopher, German Lopez. After a year of reporting on the crisis, Lopez claims the stigma against addiction “is the single biggest reason America is failing in its […]

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four Obstacles Plaguing On-Demand Habit Therapy

We can get our favorite TV shows on-demand. We can find just about anything we want online. Amazon even offers easy buttons now, to reorder your favorite stuff with just one click. We’ve come so far with technology, convenience, and efficiency to quickly meet so many of our wants and needs. Yet, we’re still losing […]

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Dependancy Therapy: What’s in Retailer for 2018?

We learned a lot about addiction treatment in 2017, but what’s in store for 2018? What was accomplished in the field of recovery during 2017? Here’s the honest answer: more than some believed possible and less than others had hoped. As we take the year in review, we see many changes. From the highest levels […]

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New Mexico Passes Laws to Look at Administering Pharmaceutical-grade Heroin or Different Opioids by Medical Practitioners to Folks Fighting Lengthy-term Habit

SANTA FE –  Final night time, on a vote of 57-9, the New Mexico Home of Representatives handed Home Memorial 56 that fees the NM Legislative Well being and Human Providers Committee to take testimony on supervised injectable opioid therapy as a possible, efficient and cost-effective technique for decreasing drug use and drug-related hurt amongst […]

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How and Why Did the Stigma of Dependancy Start?

Here’s a brief history on addiction stigma and tips on how we can end it. Chemical dependency can be defined as a chronic, relapsing brain disease – one that’s characterized by a compulsive need to seek and use a substance. While treatment professionals and small part of the general population see substance abuse this way, […]

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State of the Union: President Trump Anticipated to Tackle Opioid Habit and Overdose

In tonight’s State of the Union, President Trump is extensively anticipated to deal with his administration’s response to opioid habit and overdose. Whereas Trump has repeatedly promised to prioritize opioid habit and overdose, going as far as to declare a nationwide public well being emergency, his administration has did not dedicate appropriate sources to the issue. […]

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