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Loctite: Positive feelings

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10 Tweets That Show How Big a Buzzkill Nationwide Was With Its Morbid Super Bowl Ad

Nationwide decided to use one of its two Super Bowl ad slots tonight to highlight the lethal potential of preventable child accidents. The result wasn't exactly festive fare. Here's a pretty accurate cross-section of Twitter's response, which you probably experienced first-hand when the ad came up during the game's first half.   "We're Nationwide Insurance! […]

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Newcastle Begins Ambush of This Year’s Super Bowl by Crashing the Doritos Campaign

You might remember Newcastle Brown Ale's antics around last year's Super Bowl—a little stunt from Droga5 called "If We Made It" that imagined what a Newcastle Super Bowl ad might have looked like if they could have afforded one. The whole thing went pretty well, to say the least. Given that success, Newcastle obviously had […]

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Netflix: Watch together

Advertising Agency: R/GA, Los Angeles, USA Creative Directors: Zach Hilder, Will Esparza Associate Creative Directors: Tim Blount, Gerard Seifert Junior Art Director: Kristina Litvin Senior Producer: Diego de la Maza Head of Production: Kat Friis Business Affairs Manager: Joanne Rotella Account Director: Shane Chastang Production Company: Epoch Films Director: The Mercadantes Director of Photography: Daniel […]

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Sky: Murmuration

Advertising Agency: DDB, New Zealand Chief Creative Officer: Damon Stapleton Creative Director: Chris Schofield Executive Creative Director: Shane Bradnick Art Director: Toby Morris Copywriter: Simone McMahon Director: Steve Ayson Producer: Larisa Tiffin Executive Producers: Judy Thompson, Fiona King DoP: Ryley Brown Agency Producer: Samantha Meehan

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Tired of That Cramped Airplane Seat? How About This Incredible Three-Room Cabin Instead?

At one time or another, I think we've all wished that air travel was less like being crammed into a cattle car and more like being crammed into a one-bedroom apartment. Well, Etihad Airways has made the latter a reality with The Residence, a three-room premium cabin (with shower!) on its Airbus A380 that costs […]

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Heineken: 120 years celebrating diversity in Mexico

Advertising Agency: Doubleyou, Mexico General Creative Director: Luis Gaitán General Manager: Miguel Daura Copywriters: Jaume Gubianes, Mariano Alanís Art Director: Rodolfo Gerrero Designers: Adriana González, Sergio Monterrubio Account Executive: Ana Oseguera Project Managers: Raúl Cruz, Daniel Del Amor, Jose Luis García

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Depressed Clown Stars in Grim but Gorgeous Job-Site Commercial

It's been a good day for at least one clown on this earth—Ronald McDonald, who received a fashionable makeover. But it's worth remembering that things aren't so great for all the non-famous clowns out there. For example: The clown in the ad below could be doing better. It's actually not client work—it's a short film […]

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Nomad Skate Board: Scientist

The three spots, directed by Diana Kunst, for Garlic Productions, reflect the parallels that exist between highly respected professions and the world of skateboarding: A series of interior dialogues that prove there’s no difference between the two worlds. A scientist experiments and investigates until he gets the desired results, just like a skater learning a […]

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Author Brilliantly Recreates Famous Meals From Literature

We're not normally coffee table book people, but this? This is awesome. Designer Dinah Fried has just published a collection of fascinating images called Fictitious Dishes: An Album of Literature's Most Memorable Meals. To compile the 128-page labor of love, she cooked, photographed and art directed recreations of 50 meals found in literature, from Oliver Twist […]

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States United To Prevent Gun Violence: The monster is real

Advertising Agency: Grey, New York, USA Worldwide Chief Creative Officer: Tor Myhren Deputy Worldwide Chief Creative Officer: Per Pedersen Executive Creative Directors: Rob Perillo, Rob Lenois Art Director: Evan Ortolani Copywriter: Daniel Alvarez Director of Broadcast: Bennett McCarroll Agency Executive Producer: James McPherson Agency Producer: Zach Fleming Account Director: Elizabeth Gilchrist Account Executive: John Nelson […]

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Give Esurance Purchases First Announcement After Super Bowl, of 1.5 million U.S. dollars savings on a viewer

Esurance is a bit of fun tonight should be something to get attention. The online insurance company bought the first commercial wafer after the final whistle of the Super Bowl. The company says it will cost $ 1.5 million less than the execution of an in-game performance and it will give about the ad to […]

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Precious Cooking: Displays donkey ears

recipes remember. By: Preuss and Preuss, Berlin, Germany Creative Director: Michael Preuss Art Directors : Felicitas Haas Consultant: Yves Zenz Published: January 2014

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Epic teases Bud Light Night With Arnold, Reggie Watts and Don Cheadle

Just a day after we learned that Arnold Schwarzenegger appears in one of the Super Bowl Bud Light, Anheuser-Busch InBev has published stacked headlights for celebrity six teaser clips. The ads appear as the results of a massive waterfall by brand and agency BBDO used 412 actors and many hidden cameras to organize create a […]

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Ivo Rainha: CV on wheels

At the end of this year, the Portuguese Designer Ivo Rainha challenged: improving his resume! Tired of precarious jobs, the young man of 24 years, made a campaign is therefore to promote his work and his resume. He created another program, rolled on a bicycle and began distributing his experience in the streets. But it’s […]

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University of Alberta version of Barney you eat meat offers mammalian

Jurassic George, a T-Rex terrorizing his rubber unfortunate human followers on a show like Barney and his friends for the promotion of the University of classes free online Paleobiology of Alberta, is a prehistoric cry. Designed by Evolution Bureau, has the number of points used dances, silly (and annoying) songs and a lot of facts […]

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Gap: Joel

Agency: Peterson Milla Hooks, USA Creative Director: Dave Peterson Associate Creative Director: Courtney Vincent Producer: Aldo Hertz Producer: Bianca Cochran production company: Films milks Director: Danny Clinch Executive Producer: Lindha Narvaez Producer: Paula Cohen Camera: Vance Burberry Editorial: Channel Z Editor: Brett Astor Producer: Kelly Nelson Post: Pixel Farm Colorist: Dave Sweet Efx Artist: Kurt […]

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Otrivin: Nose to mouth, Eucalyptus

By: Saatchi & Saatchi, Switzerland Creation: Gustavo Figueiredo, Massimo Caiati Art Director: Gustavo Figueiredo Copywriter: Massimo Caiati Global Account Director: Andrea Pedrazzini Account Manager: Cassy Ymar, Guendalina Gennari Chief Production Manager: Philippe Coeytaux Production Company: Bent Image Lab Director: Ken Lidster Producer: Ray Di Carlo, Andrew Harvey Published: December 2013

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This impressive family excited about cheap Thanksgiving meat

No Thanksgiving meal is not without a hearty part cheap , the cheap meat. This season spot and Price Chopper agency DeVito / Verdi has to store fun for a long time with the reputation update grocery sections had less-than-prime. Directed by Rick Knief complicit media, the announcement is particularly interesting, especially for those involved […]

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World AIDS Day Onlus ASA chat

Condom saves lives. BBDO DLV, Milan, Italy Creative Directors Direction: Stefania Siani, Federico Pepe Senior Editor: Matteo Maggiore Main Art: Valerio Mangiafico Artist: Riccardo Corda

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