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Do you think that it is the job of the federal government to “take care” of people?

Posted in Child Care on 6th December 2012

Do you think it is the job of the federal government to “take care” of people?
I say this in a broad sense, to make room for the things left to if any, type of care falls into the role of the Federal Best Answer (s): .

response from civil_av8r
No. Your role is to deliver mail and maintain an army.

response from Jerry C
I think that it is the individuals responsibility to take care of him / her to take themselves. Waiting for the government to do it, why so many people never climb above the poverty line. .

answer by Major Deek
Constitutionally, no, not “care” for anyone you are constitutionally to us militarily but schützen.Washington said: “A government is like fire, a handy servant but a dangerous master. ” If we allow the government too much power we allow in our lives to play with fire.

response from Call Me Bwana
There is nothing in the Constitution, to find such a belief to unterstützen.So, I do not that those who profess government they love and care much for the Constitution.

reply by justin h
also social security cant be argued, has helped millions of seniors citizents. it’s a flawed system, but it’s better than the older die homeless on the street. We also have {in you, me and all Americans are the federal government) so you do not only think of a few dollars, a year that. You feel better for the support of many, many people in need

response from Josh Rules
That is what a government suppose to do. To help

answer here
no, but if they took care of anyone who would empty prisons

response from Steve C
Yes, if they do not provide for themselves due to physical injury or physical / mental disability. Otherwise, we will say that certain people are expendable because of situations that are beyond their control, which is not acceptable.

. Answer by christian b
No, they are only here to protect our rights and military maintaina You are not here to create social programs, should private investors.

response of 1-2informationalways do
suppose I would, there would be no need for them if IMMIGRATION would have been contained and controlled, for example. Because while there has Medicaid and Medicare for such a long time, it is now out of control, who really really need it or have to verdient.Auch if there is some sort of control over the excessive cost of drugs, could not people so-called local hospitals overcharged. By “inspiring” young woman birth_mostly sharing wedlock_and them WIC CHECKS AND THEN food stamps, etc., is good government actually create a dependency. And so after the birth, it is only logical that they are going to get up more food stamps and free medical care, until the child is 21 years old!

Working Moms Now Have Access To Scholarships Through Federal Programs – Get $10,000 Now!

Posted in Working Mothers on 10th April 2012

Working Moms Now Have Access To Scholarships Through Federal Programs – Get ,000 Now!

Article by Lindsy Emery

Many colleges (a good number of them are online universities) have gotten together to form an educational awareness program called Project Working Mom: Putting Education to Work. It is a coalition that is driving the campaign to educate our nation’s mothers by providing $ 2 million in scholarships.

Qualifying mothers are given tuition money to spend on universities of their choice (although the online colleges heavily advertise their services). But, why mothers? Well, it turns out that American mothers are not doing so well in the job market, and with an economy lagging seriously behind, these dedicated women can no longer be ignored.

Ninety nine percent (99%) of American women will work for pay at some time in their lives while 60.7% of the women in the workforce are mothers with children under the age of 3. Eighty percent (80%) of single parent families are headed by women.

Fifty percent (50%) of married working women earn more than $ 40K a year, while only 22% of single working mothers can even claim to make at least $ 30K. Single mothers are 19% more likely to live in poverty than single fathers, and over 80% of single mothers lack higher education, thus locking them into the poverty cycle. Women comprise 46% of the work force. With those statistics, it is no wonder that President Obama addressed the education issue in his American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and has urged every American to attend at least one year of college. ARRA revamped funding for higher education making grants, loans, and scholarships easier to obtain with a higher cash value.

The best way to benefit from the President’s offer is to fill out the Free Application for Student Aid. Here, an online application will automatically determine your eligibility for all federal financial aid programs. All it takes is a little of your time to take the first steps toward breaking out of the poverty cycle.