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Can my babysitter be forced to give my child to her father while I’m not home?

Posted in Child Care on 17th May 2014

Can my babysitter be forced to give my child to her father while I’m not home?
My husband and I are separated and there is no custody order (I’ve only begun the whole process). If he showed up at my house while I’m at work, and the police were called, could my sitter be forced to let him take her?

My husband is an alcoholic and a drug addict and I don’t trust him with my child. I know he has rights but I don’t wasn’t him driving her in a vehicle if he is drunk or high. Thank you.

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Answer by Melanie
I think he has the right. It might vary depending on where you live. It might be best to get a restraining order against him if you believe that he could harm or put your children in danger. You would have to go talk to your local authorities for more information and to see what your options are

Answer by say hello to my little friend
I don’t know but unless he gots the physical proof on hand hre can’t do nothing so I say you make a letter stating your name and the kids names that you leave your kid in the care of the babysitter(her name ) while at work in your home and that legal proceedings are in order but that you the childs legal guardian do not give the sitter permission to release child to anyone and put your work number and cell number. And demand to be called if such things happen. The cops are the law yes but they cannot get into a civil matter like this especially if it could endanger the child

Answer by Peter
Hi there,

I have sympathy to your situation. A nanny or babysitter is hired to provide care for your child and to think you go to work in fear that your ex may “Rock Up” and try to take the child with him is a worry. It is obviously more so of a worry because you said he is likely to be intoxicated or even on drugs.

The laws are different for various countries and states, but l would imagine in most states the police would still be forced to show a reasonable level of care or officially “Duty Of Care” if your ex was to call police or your babysitter was to call police l very much doubt the police would allow a child to be taken from the home to go with an intoxicated or drug affected parent.

Your babysitter is hired by you to provide the care, by extension you are handing the responsibility to your babysitter to provide adequate care of your child while you are at work and that would suggest to me your babysitter is the one in control at that point in time and not the ex.

I would prepare a letter/note and sign it so if this situation does ever occur, your babysitter can provide the letter to police to advise them that you authorise your babysitter to provide the care while you are at work or busy with other commitments… That way the police can see that you have prepared a response for this potential event and lets just hope the police follow your requests and keep the safety of your child as number one priority (which l am sure they will)

Good luck with it all

Answer by Ruth C
she probably can be forced to give the child over if the police are called, But I don’t think he’ll be calling the police if he’s drunk or high. Even if he did, it’s more likely the police will take him in for being under the influence in public.

Answer by Allanas
Your babysitter is your employee. If you tell him/her not to release the child to the father – legally, he/she can refuse.

BUT – if he shows up with a cop, there could be complications. Technically, the cop won’t grab the baby and leave, but the father could say that HE has custody and the sitter is a kidnapper. Or you kidnapped the baby, or it’s his house and the sitter is on drugs and delusional…

A lot of scenarios could play out.

Tell the sitter to call the police if the father shows up. No conversation, no finding out what he wants – just call the cops on sight. Then she’s to call YOU. Immediately. You have to set it up with your boss that you might need to leave at a moment’s notice.

Good luck!

Answer by harwarda
Have you changed the locks on the house? She should never open the door to him to begin with. You really need to check on your state laws. I would start by calling the police department and discussing with them what they would or would not do in this scenario.

I get child support from the father of my baby, even if I did not give birth?

Posted in Child Support on 1st March 2014

I get child support from the father of my baby, even if I did not give birth?
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Crystal B response

Answer by Nae Harris I would not think so ….

Reply christyluvsjohn
you can not get child support until the child is born. Until then the child will live by the mother, and if they support themselves, they can the child to unterstützen.Auch when you had to “child support” for a fetus, the problem of abortions and miscarriages. If the woman come forward and support the child aborted if the condition warrants? Probably nicht.Sobald the child is born can file for child support, but they need to have some external evidence of who the father is. You can not just “name” of the Father, without this evidence. If it says “X” is the father and “X”, he does not, it can not force a paternity test without some outside firm. If a third party hear him brag about knocking her up? Did he pay you money for assistance at some point in time? Did he not write letters or any notes about “his” future fatherhood? Does anyone see them in bed together? Do they have to live together in time, she might have become pregnant? Again, it must be some external evidence back up their claim that he he needs to do the Father ist.Was is wait until some of the documents served on him then he has to officially respond that he did not believe that he is the father and that regardless of child support is not justified until the child is actually born ist.Und tell him that sex before marriage is, why and shacking is stupid.

Answer by Nicole
No, but you can get a job

Reply Cmc_x
Nope do not think that you be able to just say, I know you’re going to get help as £ 500 grant to buy baby stuff etc, but can not say, nor child support, I have tried that and it’s a real pain!

If adoption is so wonderful, why not everyone has another child to give a childless couple?

Posted in Child Care on 10th February 2014

If adoption is so wonderful, why do not all have another child to give a childless couple?
If adoption is such a wonderful and selfless gift, why not have a baby to give an infertile couple? Or is it because your child to strangers is not all it’s cracked up to be Best Answer (s):.

Answer by Dingo: D
Because it is a hard and painful thing to give up a child! I am part of a surrogate family, and I love my mother for the happiness it has brought, but Ia couples know it is a hard thing to go through!

Answer by Baby boomer rock fan
Well, that’s not really the question, right? Most people who believe adoption (of the newborn) is wonderful, believe because they think children are better in two-parent households with unrelated parents than in a single-parent home with their unmarried biological mother. So seen from this point of view, it would not make sense to have a child for a couple, just to make it think to verschenken.Ich personally, contraception or abstinence is still more wonderful as an acceptance if a woman is not ready to be a mother. But that’s just my opinion.

Reply amyhpete
It is not a lack of children who need homes. Of all the children on here in the U.S., to the actual orphans overseas, we did not generate new bundle of joy to be for all childless homes full of love and laughter. Prospective adoptive parents have only their heads to children who actually open without family, and adopt them.

Answer by Nola
Awww, yes. Its great! So great! How to increase your claws on baby another woman is wayyy more fulfillment than with your own child! I think you can be here on something … I’ll get the word out tooo! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Reply by Marnie B
you are misunderstanding what adoption is. People do not want to give “race” babies to infertile couples and no one goal, a child and gives it up for adoption has. It is something that if someone faced with an unplanned pregnancy can be the best choice in the situation to be, and hopefully they will be a certain satisfaction in the fact that they find something wonderful for the acceptance pair, even if it is to do painful .

Reply frockney
@ amyhpeteNein, there are no foreign orphans out there waiting for the great Yankee saviors show up and save them from a life as a non-American. According to UNICEF, only 3% of children abroad (or orphanages as the romantic love in this world to call them) in children’s homes are real orphans who have no remaining living relatives. Also Madona adopted a child whose biological father still alive war.Auch according to UNICEF, 2/3 (two thirds!) The concern international adoptions affected Kinder.Und why people do not, the older children on Adopt-Us-Kids adopt? Because adoption is not a selfless wonderful thing. It is an excuse. As long as childlessness is to have a failure, and not just a normal state of children is not seen, it is stopped when Russia shot adopters hunt for vulnerable young mothers to sein.Haben the figures of the cute, blonde, blue-eyed children in Russian “orphanages” suddenly assumption to America? No. Strange, is not it? So, let’s get this straight, acceptance creates so-called orphanages because demand from the West makes child trafficking lucrative. So, childless couples, please, please, stop being a market for stolen children. Go to the fertility clinic and the best hoffen.Und where those who say: “If you love these children so much, why do not you take into foster care” are concerned, first, I love them so much, I do not think they would be served by me. I love them so much, I think they deserve proper educators as mentors and not a strange home with “parents” with a smug sense of holiness. Secondly, I love the rest of my family so much, I do not want my to schieben.Und on an adult child with questions on them, a child to a childless couple? Would they do the same if the situation was reversed

Answer by Philippa
– Fertile women should not be expected to produce babies for infertile couples -. Fertile women are people with real emotions not broodmares, incubators or breeder -. From my own experience surrendering = pain, pain, sadness, anger at those who forced me (because I have them forgiven), causes severe depression that I still struggle with, have even harm and suicidal

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> Answer by Sam I think adoption is great,,,, I have adopted 3 Jugendliche.Ihre mother is pregnant again … Baby number nine. It has nothing collected from their children, they all end up in foster care. This is a case where the parents make bad decisions, the use of drugs and neglect their children …. Acceptance is the only way these children get a normal Familie.Melden Simply as foster parents and see how many beds they fill with children who need a home. No new babies are needed … almost all nursing homes are already full!

Reply eagle dreams
adoption is or should be the last resort for a child sein.Nur when all hope is increased by biological compounds exhausted should werden.Adoption drawn alternatives into consideration then the stability of a child who might not otherwise have in their lives should geben.Es this child be focused. CHILD not as an adult unfortunately it seems to be, if there are those who claim to be a perfect child to fühlen.Die reality reality and fantasy is fantasy and the two should not be romantically intertwined, where acceptance betrifft.Wie for people who have a to give a child to a childless couple ………. this should be a non-starter.