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Why is our current health care system wasted on the rich?

Posted in Child Care on 20th November 2013

Why is our current health care system for the rich? wasted
Concierge medical care guarantees success and the best treatment almost like a vacation. These guys hospital as the Marriott Hotel. Some of these treatments include cruise ships and longer treatments. If we taxed the rich, then they would have TO THE hospital like any other gehen.http :/ / Best Answer (s):

response from Malkin
lol. do you think the rich are not taxed now?

response of early
the rich taxed? This current proposal is to cut health care benefits for Tri-our military and their families. I’m far from rich, and Obama and his thugs seem to think they have the right to health care, we cut fuvking deserves.

answer by Bev
the rich, or at least 5% of them pay 70% of taxes show. How much more should they pay?

Reply sadcryingclowninironlung
is this a joke? obviously rich people can afford as they perform better than people without so much money to. the same goes for everything, not just health care.

Reply by Brian CK
I’m not rich, but my insurance is awesome!

answer by Kate
Who cares about the rich? Why taxes ANYONE let alone the rich who just have a better job than the rest of us … If this happens, want to know to be a doctor … poor people who will care for us?

reply by phil
like a thief

answer by Freedom Wins III sound
What makes you think You would get better treatment with 0bamacare?

response from printing our way to prosperity
Maybe you should make something out of your miserable life, and you would be much anders.Wie many billions we have on drug addicts, criminals and low waste of lives per year -. Medical waste money on wasted earth

Reply joejack
Maybe we should go down there and force them to go to the regular hospital. Who they think they are? We round Obama. Who does he think he is?

Why fornication management provisions is as an important part of the Obama / Pelosi Health Care?

Posted in Child Care on 23rd March 2013

Why is fornication management provisions as an important part of the Obama / Pelosi Health Care?
Abortion is not “heathcare ‘Abortion is not health care interests of the mother and not certianly the child, abortion is simply fornication management abortion ignores any rights of the most vulnerable people in America that ungeboreneAbtreibung ignored fathers’ rights abortion ignores the brutality, which added to the baby healthcare nichtwarum? it healthcare package includes health purposes is very nebulous Every abortion after the first trimester is, justified by real or imagined health Best Answer (s):?.

response from KeyKey2010
It does not now. Federal money will be given only to abortion for rape, incest and health purposes

answer by Pete W
I never thought of abortion in this light. Very perceptive. I have put a bit of the edge to the question, although saying that not in all cases, abortion is a product of fornication. Legally married couples go through this ordeal and abortion. I would pray to God to survive all of these little ones, and ask his blessing on the adults involved.

response from Faithful
We have heard the word of choice, over and over again. We should .. we saw the absolute long time ago is not it! It’s about money .. and Planned Parenthood they get real big bucks in mother and child costs .. How long did it take? The mother was not on pain medication, oral care at very reasonable called for more money! If the killer took the time .. it takes time, and time is what money —! I and very few support the killing of a so-called Doctor. You just need psychological care that they do it, how many of us are doing. We are pleased to apologize by everyone! These vultures payee support money! Support their primary oath is not money, but they suck baby parts and try to tell you, you are the right choice! There is no truth in the operation, as the patient may not facts, except to support money! Those who want to tell the patient limited government! Sun Facts are not allowed .. Money is the god! Is not that what we see now? It was bad enough that a pro-life never be elected as president, and your freedom in the way is money! Earl

response from bwlobo I
so full whirlingmerc totally agree! Way to go in a bold question questions like these! Pro-abortion forces have been forever calling abortion health care. Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider defines its business as providing “reproductive health.” Gallup poll recently showed that for the first time a majority of Americans (51 percent) pro-life and religious sind.Wissenschaft to disagree, if instead the addition, the religion tries to displace science or science tries to religion verdrängen.Der Socialism is the latter. Instead of recognizing that each person is unique and free, was in the image of God, attempted socialism in order to make us turn in laboratory rodents, pretending our lives according to predictable formulas to verwalten.Dies is unfortunately what the health care bills that the Democratic Party is now trying to feed the American public forcibly. It’s why they are disasters waiting to happen.

Why are so many people against Health Care Reform?

Posted in Child Care on 18th April 2012

Why are so many people against Health Care Reform?
All it is doing is making sure the 50 million other Americans who don’t have health insurance can recieve it and make Health Insurance companies and the such be honest and fair with their clients. Why are people against that? It’s not socialism. In fact, only 55% of our country’s economy is in the private sector, making the other half government and state government run. So we already have government runned businesses.

The Public Option is exactly what it’s called; AN OPTION! It’s not mandated that you recieve this government runned health insurance, it’s just out there for those who need cheap , but quality health care. And don’t even get me started about the rediculous Death Panel bull because Sarah Palin COMPLETELY doesn’t get the fact that insurance companies have been deciding who lives and who dies for the past 30 years! Doing exactly what Sarah Palin is so against BUT FOR A PROFIT!

Doesn’t the fact that insurance companies have TWO lobbyist for EVERY person in Congress startle you or concern you at all? Don’t throw that “Well the Government has the power to make things official, that’s why they shouldn’t be running health care” Oh please, companies can make things official, too. They can set up rules and polices and deny you coverage because guess what? THEY DO NOT HAVE TO SERVE TO YOU! They do so for a profit and if you don’t want to be under them, they already have the next tom and jerry ready to step right up, proudly and recieve their dosage of unfairly high priced medicine.

Oh, but you say our debt will increase greatly and cause our children to take on the burden we gave them you say?? Want to know why we already are 12 trillion dollars in debt? Because some clueless cowboy named George Bush decided to declare two wars on two countries and not even realize we can’ afford shit like that.

Yes, I am against the Iraq War. No, I am not a anti-american Liberal whiner. Yes, this really is question with a hint of opinion.
So why are you against Health Care Reform if it’s SOLE purpose is to save lives, not fuck shit up?
To be very honest, I don’t know a lot about this Health Care bill since it’s a 2,000 page bill. This “rant” was all from what I heard from NPR, my own research and other non-mainstream news outlets. I have actually heard from CNN that 60% of the country is actually in favor of the health care bill and, from what I remember hearing on NPR, abortion will not be covered in the bill.

Best answer(s):

Answer by jaker
You are so badly misled that I hardly know where to start. The current plan will still leave millions of Americans uncovered, to say nothing of the illegals. Who will care for them? Costs will not go down. If deficits are OK now why were bad under Bush? The cost of wars is less only a small part of total spending and not the cause of deficits. Too much spending on social programs and pork is the cause.

Answer by Homeless in Phoenix
You do understand that this health care bill rewards the insurance companies don’t you! It requires everyone to use their services or get fined. Insurance stock went through the roof when the public option was pulled….. Read more before you post!

Answer by DONALD T

Answer by consrgreat
YOUR RANT has been noted to the proper authorities….and this bill for your information(you need information as you are sadly lacking) is NOT reform it is a power grab for 1/6th of the economy.

Answer by Clarus A
In order to understand the opposition you must understand this simple fact: the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I find that you are focusing far to much on the obviously great sounding benefits (who could possibly be against more affordable/free stuff!?!). There are legitimate concerns against this type of reform. It’s not as simple as saying “Anyone who is against it must be paid off”.

Also think about this: if it was really that simple and harmless for government to make health care affordable, abundant and better quality, why don’t they take control of the entire economy? The reality is that they cannot control these sorts of things. they can try, but it always does more harm than good –sooner or later.

Answer by garfieldfan
The greatest problem is that it is a government mandate that controls the lives of Americans in respects to their healthcare, a right that is not Constitutionally given to the government. We are slowly turning into a socialist country by thinking we can make people buy certain insurance in certain amounts and if they don’t buy enough, we fine them. If they buy too much, we tax them. If they don’t buy any, we fine them 2.5% of their income or throw them in jail.
Further, it uses taxpayers money to fund abortion.
Oh, and how are we going to pay for it? Can you say cuts in medicare? You need to get your facts straight. The majority of americans both on the left and right, are actually against this healthcare bill. It’s pretty much unanimous – they need to start over.

We all want healthcare reform. But when NARAL and the National Right to Life both oppose this bill, you know somethings wrong.

Answer by trippsmith20
18 million people will still be without insurance even after this. You’ll be fined for not having in. It will have to be rationed since more will have to be insured and we dont have enough doctors to treat them. Quality of care will go down. Go down to your local Welfare office or a VA hospital. Thats what you are getting.

Answer by Flower
Most people are worried that their current insurance plan will disappear, they are against a mandated levy of 8 per cent of income for an individual plan, They think they will go to jail if they don’t buy insurance. People don’t really care about national debt or deficit. They never have before. It is a fear of Obama. And it isnt even a White House health plan. He designated the Congress to write it. The average person is not an economist nor a public policy planner, so people don’t really understand whats going on.

Answer by Kisara
We already have two healthcare systems in effect that are due to goe into bankruptcy in the next 20 years, Medicaid and Medicare. Personally, I think that before we start a new healthcare system that will spend a Trillion dollars, we should do what we can to fix the ones we already have in place, so our country does not go into bankruptcy.

If we go by what you said about why we’re in debt, don’t you think we should end those wars first and work off some debt before committing to a program that’s even more expensive than those two wars put together.

There are lobbyists and there will always be lobbyists… but what I think is scary is what the people for the bill are doing to make sure it passes. They are literally buying the Senator’s votes… The Senator from Nebraska is only going along with it cause they made a deal that Nebraska will never have to pay for Medicaid ever again.

If it really is so good as you say it is, why do Democrats have to buy other Democratic votes? Wouldn’t it be passed by everyone without all this arguing?

Also, where will the money for this program be coming from? More taxes? The American People are on hard times as it is with the bad economy and unemployment being so high, adding another tax ontop of that wouldn’t be a good idea in my opinion. Even if the Wars are ending, it won’t cover the amount that they’re planning on spending.

Insurance companies do things for profit… in order to get profit, they need to cater to your needs, therefore they have to make health care high quality for you or else you and your money could leave them behind.

I am not against a public option, but that’s what it should be… an option with no penalties if we choose not to go with it. Right now our country is in no condition to spend another trillion dollars, once our debt goes down, I’m sure even republicans would be more open minded to this, but now is not the time, nor the place.

Answer by Dirk D
Our government should put sharpshooters on the Mexican border to stop anyone who tries to cross illegally.