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can my husbands ex wife take my life insurance left to my husband for my 2 sons, in the event of my death?

Posted in Child Support on 25th May 2014

can my husbands ex wife take my life insurance left to my husband for my 2 sons, in the event of my death?
He is in arrears and is paying on the arrears and child support every month. I was just concerned that she could take my small life insurance amount for herself if it is left in my husband’s name. does anyone know?? I don’t plan on dying anytime soon but I want my children to have something if I do.

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Answer by Angelina
She can’t take your life insurance, it would be in your name. Don’t worry about it.

Answer by Gee
Probably going to have to ask a lawyer this question (I have the sneaky belief that yes she can). If that is the case you might set up a trust fund.

Answer by bustersmycat
make the children the beneficiaries with your husband as executor until they reach the age of attainment (become officially adult). If it goes to your husband, it is attachable for the arrears.

Answer by Petunia
Leave it to your children and under his care… She can’t touch a dime of it.
I have been threw the same ordeal and I did just that by advice from a Lawyer.

Answer by arklatexrat
You should probably set it up as a trust for your sons and not leave it to your husband. Otherwise, she would probably have a pretty good case to take it.

Why not just help him catch up on the child support payments now? His ex also has children by him that she is concerned about raising. Try and look at this from her perspective—he left her high and dry and you are only concerned about you and yours?

Answer by sunnycamp
i dont know about life insurance but the day he dies you better call the social security office because if the first wive doesn’t remarry she can file for his SS and she will get it you will have to fight it out with the SS office to fix it could take up to a year,i only know this because a woman i once knew did this to her dead exs wife even though they had been divorced for over 20 years

Answer by honey
I would set it up for the children not your husband, that way you can be sure it goes to the children. Ask your insurance agent, he shoukd be able to help.

Answer by Cpt Kirk
Not if your two sons are named as the beneficieraries on the policy and not your husband. You can make him the proctor of the policy which means the boys keep the money but he oversees how they spend it.

Answer by brwneyedgrl
any life insurance policy money for either parent in the case of a death goes to the provider of the person who gets the kids after ur death, as “child support” .. if u dont want them to inherit the money till they reach of age u need to write out a will and have it set up that way. Your x husband if he has a life insurance policy on himself.. until the children reach 18 the kids get the life insurance policy money up to the amount of child support owed until they are of age.. example if he has a 100,000 life insurance policy.. and he owes 60,000 on the children between now and they are 18 then the kids get 60,000 and his wife gets 40,000.

I want to start selling insurance. I just graduated from college. No insurance background.?

Posted in Working Mothers on 19th September 2013

I want to start selling insurance. I just graduated from college. No insurance background.?
I looked at it and said the State Farm licensing and training may, after the expiration of twelve months. He also said it would hired six weeks if selected. State Farm is good? Are there better company? I feel this is a really long process. How about Liberty Mutual Best Answer (s):

reply by Rosalie R
What a huge question. First of all, if you are lucky your college degree contain a little work in the world of mathematics. The insurance industry is all about mathematics and statistics and averages and Tabellen.Zweitens you need to know that the insurance is marketed through two different “channels”. Companies like State Farm have their own offices (called agents), and their own employees (called agents), and only sell their own insurance. Thus, training is something they kontrollieren.Das other delivery system is through insurance brokers. These people are insurance brokers that have their offices and sell many different brands of insurance. Brokers train their people in the “art” of selling insurance, and a little about the various companies Produkte.Schließlich you need to know that there are two different types of insurance. People and things insurance insurance. Normally, the life and health insurance, you mean for the people are just that: life and health. For insurance for things (like your car and house) we use the term accident insurance. Each type has to start his own policy, departments “mother” company and potentially own Agenten.Um with, I would suggest you chat with a broker, and a successful one. For example, go to the local grocery store, find the manager / owner and ask who handles the accident insurance. Then when talking with this person, they ask who the largest life and health insurance brokerage einsehen.Nach a conversation with them, you follow your head and get a Ausbildung.Viel luck.

How can I help my dad hospital bills to pay? He did not have insurance ….?

Posted in Child Care on 5th February 2013

How can I find help for my dad’s hospital bills to pay? He did not have insurance? ….
My father recently found out (yesterday) that he has a bone infection in his foot, and he can get it amputated. He has no insurance – he is in for Medicare June, but the doctors say that he is now the surgery before the infection spreads to his leg. He is having surgery tomorrow, and the orthopedic surgeon says that he needs for 2 to 3 weeks after so bleiben.Ich know it must be away to help pay for his hospital stay. ? Does anyone Thanks Best Answer (s):

response from someoneoutthere
you might be able to do, “pay back”, and pay the bills he collected previously. I can not remember what it means. You might want to call and ask about it.

response from AMAZON
Talk to someone in the billing department at the hospital about the “need care” program. This program pays for half or all of the fees of those who are not insured. Even if your father will be covered by Medicare in June, it’s my understanding that Medicare goes back three months and pay for all medical bills. Also go to your local Department of Family and Children Services office in your community and see if your father can apply medicaid. The program goes back 3 months and pay for bills. I would check again, just to be sure.

Reply by Cyndie S
many hospitals do have social workers. ask the nurses how to achieve them. they have few avenues. Also, most hospitals have programs internally but must speak to you to billing, so that they know what’s going on. would argue, eh aarp dead center for the elderly, and anyone else that you think works with the elderly and see if they have any suggestions. You may have to call around a bit, but not aufgeben.GlückCyndie