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Can Child Protective Services legally take a child if an alternative suitable housing can be provided?

Posted in Child Care on 16th May 2014

Can Child Protective Services legally take a child if an alternative suitable housing can be provided?
So my sister was recently arrested for drug related charges. This resulted in an investigation from the CPS. Following the investigation they scheduled a meeting to discuss options. During the meeting they ruled that my sisters daughter can return home under certain stipulations. (My Aunt was at the meeting as well and agreed to take custody if necessary. My aunt is a suitable guardian with now record what so ever.)
So later that day CPS came to the door with a court order and a couple police officers. There were items on the police report that they received that caused them to reverse the decision. They took the child from my sister and said that she is being taken into emergency foster care until a meeting on Monday (today is friday)
I understand that they can rule the living situation unsuitable for the child and have every right to order the child to be removed from the household. But when they came in we told them that my aunt can and will take her out of the house right now and will keep her away from my sisters home.
The paper work said that the child will be sent to foster care “If a suitable guardian is not available”
But we did have a suitable guardian willing and available to take the child. One that was present at the meeting.
So, are they legally allowed to take her even if we were willing to relocate her to a suitable alternative home? I really dont like the idea of my niece with strangers.

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Answer by Kristi Howard
Yes they can do that. Your aunt needs to go before the child protective services and get into an agreement where she can be approved in the fast track situation to take care of her.

Answer by parsnipianna
Yes, the suitable guardian part will be discussed at the next meeting. Sucks, I know. You are all going to need more patience than you should have to have. Hang in. And stay calm and polite.Keep thinking “It’s for ____________'(child). It’s for ______.

Answer by Jan
Of course they are legally allowed to take her. Before they place the child in your aunts care she will have to be evaluated. They don’t just stick a child with a family member without first investigating their background and home situation.

Answer by Alan Clark
The law in most state give this option, However the state has the final say period.And if they so deem You may not have access to the child at all.She put her daugther in this situation.and ya,ll did nothing to protect .the Child. So the state has and will do what it thinks is neccessary to insure the safety and well being of this Girl.I,m really Sorry about this But when the state steps in,Depending on the case work. they have complete control.I imagine Though with repeated persverance ya,ll should be able to get her Home. Don,t give up.

GS: Is it actually possible for a man to legally abandon his children, including child benefit?

Posted in Child Support on 23rd February 2014

GS: Is it actually possible for a man to legally abandon his children, including child support
I’ve heard about haben.In a state like mine, I know a few guys who should do this because we people in prison for non-payment of child support … @ Yodo: I’m not saying that the guy is not a have worn a condom. I’m not even saying that they do not have the child zahlen.Doch a state like Nevada goes one step too far, IMO: If anyone can literally do * not * the person throwing them in jail – and thus the establishment a situation that they can not pay guaranteed, and so they end up revolving in and out of prison for immer.Schöne. So there is no way for people with no money out of the Catch-22 revolving door of the prison, poverty and non-payment received … thank God, I am not in this situation. : Op (If I were, I would try the damn government to flee.) @ Yodo: Look, I agree with you, but a guy I know in this strait is a convicted felon trying to get back on. to come legs … But it is very difficult, can finden.Er for such a person, legitimate work never enough money to try to settle before they throw him get back to prison for non-payment, he loses his hard to get a job, and he begins the cycle has neuem.Wie he did not commit suicide, I do not know. I would consider it a reasonable option in his shoes @ Dr. Frog. “Why are not more people surgically sterilized, I wonder?” THIS you should be less hesitant to sterilize before you have kids too!! be, I have people who never fail quite seriously children are known (Actually, I’d consider it, too …) Best Answer (s):.

integration of 20
No Answer This is not a legal option.

yodo answer
If two income families can not financially support that you have an income can be a family a child? I’m pretty sure that America does not want to turn into a mud hole where you see starving children on the street because they do not have enough money, because their parents leave only. I am also sure that the taxpayers do not want to have been prevented for a child that they do not pay to build and could use a damn condom @ Fiedelis., You do not know the lengths that people go just to avoid paying and child support my best friends father gave up his job on purpose so he does not pay child support for his four daughters! Her mother worked in a factory and could barely feed. That’s why it should be illegal. And yes, he went to jail and it is good. He did not even care, his four daughters could homeless and hungry.

response of Gender Stu
Not without the mother permanent approval.

by Matt
I never really understood how it works. Has the potential father to have to make a mandatory paternity test? He could deny that he had sex with her.

response of Heaven and Hell
No. The law will “sign away their right to child support.” In the way that women wrote So are a man “rights” on whether women want “free money” every Monat.Versuchen you imagine what would do feminists / company if there is a law that gives women men pay each month gemacht.Hier is the Deal.Frauen have the right to abortion. You have the right to completely abandon their parental responsibility. You get a “reset button” on their lives and they are können.Inzwischen extinguish a human life from the existence of men LAW FORCED “responsible” for exactly the same child have the women could “close” as. This is one of the greatest examples of inequality society has ever known, but people (let’s be honest … Especially women) have a complete mental disconnect for this Thema.Sie can ask … “should allow women to give up their parental responsibility?” And get an emphatic “yes”, followed by all sorts of reasons why women “deserve” this Recht.Dann if you ask the people … “Men should be allowed to give up her parental responsibility?” And you are an emphatic “NO” to get and people will then think about how men need “responsible” for his child to be to sprechen.Es’s amazing how this double standard is so ingrained in society. What’s worse is that people try to claim that men are enslaved to an adult women and give their “free money” because it is “for the child”. What I always ask … Well is abortion “for the child?” Because … I’m pretty sure that “the child” would have a chance in life, preferably

Reply beer
In the U.S. -. No, not in every state, he can not on his own, only if the mother zustimmt.In some EU countries – yes, men can do this, but he can only do it up to 12 months after found out about the (unborn) child Existenz.Wenn the mother is then not be able to afford the child on your own, they will receive government assistance for as long as she needs it.

Well, in Texas, very little effort, to ever sammeln.Ich personally know men who have never paid ….. never showed up in court ….. and never a penalty ever faced. These guys were married when the children were conceived, court orders for child support are vorhanden.Einige States go too far …… some states go nowhere überhaupt.Warum are not more people surgically sterilized, I wonder?

response of chloro-form
Nope. And they wonder why they can not get a leg up in the abortion debate.

Reply Savedis
He could be like if some other man is willing to adopt children (new boyfriend or husband that baby mama is), and if he is willing to share his had rights to the child (s) to sign away.

Two legally separated adults?

Posted in Child Support on 18th January 2014

two legally separated adults?
If two adults are legally separated, you can bring the other to court to ask for “child support”? Since they are not divorced, I’m not sure if they would have to go through the same procedure. But they are separated and a parent does not pay the other, even if they have custody of all the children. Many thanks Best Answer (s):

by Max Hoopla
Yes, they can.

Reply Goldfly252000
If custody is then determined position is to say all that really counts. Two people who have never married, have children and courts can order child support.

response from Hall
Yes, you can

Reply Genegee
Only if they are divorced not separated. That’s what l think, but a call from a lawyer can easily tell the right answer.