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Everyone who lives in a group home, please help?

Posted in Working Mothers on 17th December 2013

Everyone who lives in a group home, please help?
I’m going to live in a group home soon, and I would really appreciate it if someone can tell me how it is or what to expect in a place, you are sharing your experience, since I have an idea of ​​what I do there Best Answer (s):.

ahnikarose answer
A very good friend of mine lived in a Wohngruppe.Sie says, basically what everyone else was doing, was doing in stocks all the Hausarbeit.Das is holding the house and the rooms clean, the laundry, cooking, simply alles.Einige group homes, what they call a “house mother”. It somehow makes sure everyone has a schedule and in turn holds auf.Einmal in a while she parties, etc. habenEs is a little more to it than that, but as long as everyone works and rarely get along with each other there are any problems . Good luck. Hope things out for you.>

Single Mother Grants: Making Lives Even Better for Single Moms

Posted in Working Mothers on 23rd July 2011

Single Mother Grants: Making Lives Even Better for Single Moms

Article by Amie Haskett

In order to help single parents cope with the financially difficult times of today, President Obama launched the “Moms Return to School Government Grant Scholarship.” This is one of Obama’s single mother grants and his way of encouraging single mothers to return to school and continue their studies. This grant gives ,000 to the beneficiaries for their college education. As of the moment, not many people are aware of this program so the government is doing its best to disseminate the information. With this kind of financial assistance, single mothers would be able to finish their college studies and get a job that pays well.

With single mother grants such as the Moms Return to School Government Grant Scholarship, single mothers would be able to get additional skills and qualifications for future employment. Being a single mother with many children means that she has to work very hard to be able to provide for her family’s needs. If she does not have a degree, she will only be able to get low-paying jobs. The income in such jobs will not be enough to meet all the needs of the family. With a college degree, she would be able to have more employment options to choose from.

Aside from the mentioned scholarship grant, Obama has also raised the Federal Pell Grant to 00 from 50. There is also a huge possibility that he may increase the amount of this grant further later. This financial aid can also be availed of by single, unemployed or working mothers. In order to apply for these educational grants, you just need to fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. You should also identify the college or university you want to enroll in and then submit the FAFSA form.

Single moms who are studying are fortunate enough to get tax benefits when they avail of the American Opportunity Tax Credit program. This program can provide them a 00 discount on their tuition. Coupled with the educational grants they are entitled to, they can get through college without spending much. The state will actually invest in the education of these women so that they will become productive citizens later on. Such an opportunity should be taken advantage of and should not be missed.

Obama’s scholarship can also be enjoyed online. Online education is actually a great option for single mothers so that they can stay home and be able to attend to their children and housework while studying. Online education gives them the kind of flexibility that single parents need so as to have enough time for their family and the home. Expenses for transportation will also be eliminated as the student can just study at home. The Obama grant is such a big help in these financially tough times.

There are other single mother grants that the government offers such as housing grants, food coupons and medical insurance, among others. One has just to be resourceful and patient

My ex came back, but lives with another woman?

Posted in Working Mothers on 6th December 2010

My ex came back, but lives with another woman?
My ex boyfriend and I have been on and off of our relationship for the past 8months. He’s 6yrs older then me but isn’t a problem in the relationship. We’ve known each other for over 3yrs.
The beginning of the relationship things were going great, we were madly in love and we pretty much started to live together (a little more into the relationship) but then things happened and he broke things off.
As of recent we have been working on us for a little over a month now and things have been better, we know things aren’t going sour like it use to be. However, he moved out of his apartment that use to be local to where I live. Now he lives over an hour away, works at a bar, and lives with another woman.
I’m not allowed to go to his bar, at all. He lives with this woman (who is older then him and a “mother” like woman) who also works at the same bar he does but “works at different hours” then he does, so he claims. I never once am invited to go see him, he usually makes the effort to see me.
So I can’t understand why he’d go to this trouble to get me back into his life if he’s living with someone else and possibly hiding something. Someone, please help me because this ‘relationship’ or lack of is really making everyday harder for me.
he also finds reasons for EVERYTHING. Example: If I can’t go to the bar it’s because his manager will “get drunk and hit on me which will cause problems” or when I want to talk, he’s sick, tired, phone died, didn’t hear it…it’s always SOMETHING!

Best answer(s):

Answer by Christian Serrano
Lauren your waisting your time if its on and off its obviously too many dang problems between you and him hes not the only guy in the world. If hes not inviting you there is obviously a reason why he isnt think about it

Answer by PEGGY S
If you are not completely a part of his life, how can you say things are working out? Sounds to me that your bf is full of sh*t, and you need to move on and find a real man that has no secrets.

Answer by metulchik
I hate to say it, but it sounds like he and this other woman have something going on, and he doesn’t want you to know about it. Maybe he doesn’t want her to know about you either. (do you ever call his house, do you know if she knows you even exist?).
I would talk to him about it, and let him know that you want things to work, that you think trust is important in a relationship, but you are having a hard time trusting him fully when he keeps so much of his life private from you….see what he says. If he still doesn’t invite you over or make an attempt to share his world with you then he is hiding something.
If all else fails, send a friend he hasn’t met to the bar he works at. Or break the rule and show up yourself. Or show up at his house unannounced (with flowers or some romantic “surprise”).

Answer by Surender KumarK
In human life first ex is ever better,no one can forget to each other, even there may be lot of misunderstndings ,but both of them should forget their past,if ex is coming back u must welcome him,becouse life verry short.

Answer by Dongle
I manage that bar and I WILL absolutely hit on you. And you will LIKE IT!