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Q & A: What should I do? Matter of life and death?

Posted in Babysitting on 1st November 2010

question of Little Devil : What should I do? Matter of life and death?
Sorry if this is so long, but me and my family walk from a camp for tomorrow for 2 whole days, and we have a dwarf rabbit. The camp does not allow pets, so we have to keep him at home. We have tried to find people and friends who are willing to “baby sit” the hare. We could not have any friends who wanted it. I have been trying to find relatives to help, but they were all out of town for a week. Mama said that if we put a 2 days worth of food in his cage, it should be fine, but I do not know. Is it safe? Please only reply if ur expeirenced. Not for ungut.Und what I can tell my mother? She insists on doing the Best Answer.

reply by Ryan T
No, he will eat everything at once, then starve them for the rest.

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