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Waiting for Pitch Perfect 2? These Girls Singing About Leg Hair Will Tide You Over

There's still about a month before to to Exact Cinema' Pitch Exact 2 opens. But don't worry, aca-awe-inspiring fans, here are some noteworthy young gear with sharp smiles, legs for days and fantastic voices to delight in in the meantime. And like the first sleeper hit from 2012, there's a dash of camp in this song-and-dance […]

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Colombo Shirt Store: Flying collection for Black Friday

Exposure Hand: Publicis Salles Chemistri, Sao Paulo, Brazil Creative Directors: Luis Felipe Figueiredo, Antonio Correa Art Directors: Germano Webber, Marcelo Ferreira Copywriter: Cadu Vigilia Manufacture Friendship: Miolos Fritos Visual Friendship: Wender Assis In print: November 2014

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