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Does anyone know how the New Mexico Child Support hearings work?

Posted in Child Support on 5th September 2012

Does anyone know how the New Mexico Child Support hearings work?
My ex husband went to NM from NC to try keep from paying child support. NM has Child Support “hearings” which aren’t actually held in a court room where they decide what he needs to do to catch up, start making his payments again, etc. NM recently. had one of these hearings on the 18th of Feb. with him which has been almost a month ago. I know that a judgment was made where he had to pay something but I don’t know how much. When NM has one of these hearings, how long do they give this person to pay what has been agreed upon? He called and emailed me yesterday wanting to see the child that he has not seen in over four years (by his own choice) and was very angry and threatening (yes, I have reported him and filed a restraining order without my 9 yr old son’s knowledge.) . So I suppose that the only reason that he probably called is because he may have gotten arrested because he couldn’t come up with the agreed amount? He never calls unless Child Support takes money out of his taxes but this is the angriest I’ve seen him in 12 years of knowing him. How long would he have to pay the amount that was agreed on, on Feb 18th, 2010?

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Answer by olderbutwiser
My advice is to go to the Clerk of Court there where you live, and ask them. They can tell you everything you want to know!