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How can I make a million dollars in 2 years?

Posted in Babysitting on 7th March 2011

How can I make a million dollars in 2 years?
I am 16 and i want to make 1 million dollars by the time i graduate high school. Any ideas??
– Please no “mow lawn babysit…”
– Please no “fill out surveys” or any scams online

Thanks! I have some ideas, just looking for more. Thanks!

Best answer(s):

Answer by k0kizzle
you’re 16 and you want to make a million dollars……wow good luck with that

Answer by Bill
First you need to find a way to make half a million dollars in one year. Then just repeat the process.

Answer by Hans
as most high paying jobs (doctor lawyer etc.) require you to be 18 or older, your only hope would be to get your parents to buy you a winning lottery ticket or if you have really good connections and get into signing, acting and become a movie star. If all else fails, rob a bank. (kidding) good luck!

Answer by Broseph Stalin
If you could learn a good, reliable way to earn a million dollars in 2 years, when you’re 16 and have no capital to work with, on Yahoo answers of all places, the global monetary system would collapse within 5 years or so and we’d be plunged into chaos.
If you get a good answer to this, I will start studying swordsmanship, to prepare for the Earth’s descent into disarray, so that I can use my sword to bring about an era of peace once again.

Answer by Stan
Sell apples at $ 1.00 each until you have a million dollars or 1 at $ 19,230.77 each week for 52 weeks. How about panning for gold in the Klondike? Are you smoking dope? If we knew the secret of making a million dollars do you actually think we would share it with the likes of you?

Answer by I’m ready for my sun to set
keep the optimism up =) what you need to do is make a reliable business in which you can sell your product …..or win the lottery

Answer by Jim L
Make a half million this year and a half million next year.

Should I break up with my girlfriend after she says, “I will not quit my job, even if you make a million dollars”?

Posted in Working Mothers on 31st October 2010

issue of Banker Felix : Should I break up with my girlfriend after she says, “I will not quit my job, even if you make a million dollars” ?
Ok here is my situation and includes the following: potential marriage and money. I am 43 single male, single and having used the previous relationships, former VP Bank and now even a “foreclosure investor” (the last 4 years). My IRS 1040 in 2009 is $ 155,000 annual income, with ZERO net worth. Recent (3 months old) my mother introduced Jazmin (working as a nurse, 35 years old, 108 lbs, 5ft 5 ‘), for my life and I was happy. We planned to marry in December 2010. We have 12 times (every week) away and we decided to “save the sex for their wedding night in honor of my parents (ordained minister) Decree. cause recently i / my business in cash-flow problem, and I had to $ 3,600.00 from her in August and borrow $ 5,500 from her yesterday. Overall, I owed her $ 9,100 to date. I wrote a post dated check for $ 10,000 paid 11.11.2010 and she gets the extra $ 900 as my appreciation. Any way the other day I asked her if one day … “Can you quit your job nurse and enjoy life with me and just a wife and mother one day I could make up to $ 100,000 per month and $ 1.2 million per year, she replied:” I do not want my job terminated, even if you make a million dollars. ” She was serious!. I was shocked! I said, “For real?” “Yes. For real,” she said. It gives me no reason. My question to you is, it is to her career in hospital and not concentrate myself or the family, should I break up with her? Thank you for your response and guidance on best regards, Felix “son of a pastor in dismay” 2 weeks ago Best Answer:

reply lovejudy76
they will change their mind if you ever make that mil, if they don t you still hav the mil,

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