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How do I know if I have a misdemeanor? “?

Posted in Child Care on 1st November 2010

question of xmel : How do I know if I have a misdemeanor ?”?
Okay, I was 15 and really stupid, I stole a bra and was caught, she didn’t call the police and went back and pay only $ 200 and can never be in this business again. I never went to court or anything. Now in a class where I take care of preschool children to check them a background and that’s what it says in my manual. “No person with a conviction, or is under indictment FOR, or the subject of a formal complaint alleging infringement of ANY the crime in the plant or a crime VIOLATION Texas CONTROLLED agents can be determined, while the children in care LISTED “in so there’ll be counted from the class afraid I do not know what I did, please help like! response even though people have just curious if they see it on my records, if they do a background check, I would like further information please contact Best Answer:

reply jakflak
If the police are not called, you had no conviction.

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