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Breastfeeding : Why does my son demand so much milk?!(driving me insane. help)?

Posted in Toddlers on 17th June 2014

Breastfeeding : Why does my son demand so much milk?!(driving me insane. help)?
He constantly cries for the breast 24/7 even if he is hungry or just finished his milk. Why is he so in demand for my breast milk?

He nurses about 12 times a day and its 12 months.
I would like to quit, but I love nursing him. However, I wish we could do it once a day.

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Answer by the_emrod
Is he getting a full and normal diet of solids? If he is then it’s just a habit!

Answer by justanothamotha
This is quite normal for some babies as they just seem to love it. Doing it once a day isn’t realistic to maintaining any supply, but for sure you can reduce it if you wish to a more livable level for you.

Here is all kinds of info. You might like to read “Mothering Your Nursing Toddler” too – it will help.

Answer by Amanda_M87
If he’s twelve months old, breast milk alone is not going to be enough to sustain his hunger and nutrient levels. You need to give him more solid foods.

Answer by AAA
thats because you offer him. At this age it is quiet possible to reduce the number of breastfeeds.

also read the tips for night breastfeeding

Answer by Ellen
Babies of this age have a variety of nursing behaviors. If you want to alter you child’s nursing behavior, you can, gently and slowly. You can change your routine so that you are busy outside of the house and your baby is busy and distracted. You can offer small snacks and drinks before your child wants to nurse. You can change your furniture around so that his favorite spots to nurse are no longer available. You can start teaching “nursing manners” so that he knows that you won’t nurse in public, but will when you get home.. You can read to him while he’s sitting on your lap.

At this age nursing-to the baby-is less about the milk and more about reassurance, comfort and body contact with Mama. If he is in the house all day with you, he may want to nurse because he doesn’t have enough other activities. He may be getting thirsty. Or he may just be getting “back in touch” with you.

You can read more about the weaning process on or the La Leche League website. There is also an excellent book available called “Mothering Your Nursing Toddler”.

how much is a DECENT amount to pay for child support?

Posted in Child Support on 11th May 2014

how much is a DECENT amount to pay for child support?
for 1,2,3,4 children and so on monthly?

what is your opinion.i am curious what everyone else thinks is a decent amount.this is based on the non custodial paying the custodial.when the paying parent has visitation as often as agreed.

please clarify why you think that amount is i am not in this situation.i am curious because this economy has taken a toll on many households and many innocent men are being put in jail for losing income that is not because of their fault since the recession began in 2007.


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Answer by Casey
Each State has the amount worked out for each income.

If a man loses his job, gets ill and can’t work , he has the option of going back to court and getting the amount adjusted.

You can be sure that any man who ends up in jail has had many chances to solve the problem.

Answer by FairyGirl
well.. in my brothers situation here in maine they demanded 55 dollars per child per week. i personally as a mother of two Do Not think that is adequate. he disagrees. If u add up the cost of what u spend im talking rent, lights, tv, phone diapers clothing food …. heck even toilet paper that dosent even come close to covering half.
@ Mrs.E : in the end if a man is put in jail because of non payment of child support then it MOST definitly was his fault. he wasnt innocent. i was always brought up beggars cant be choosers. so guess what mcdonalds is always hiring. when u have children to support pride shouldnt stand in your way. If a man hasnt had a job by 2007 he just isnt looking. or hes too picky!!

Answer by Crayon
I have a friend who has one child and gets around 700 a month.That cost helps cover rent since the child lives mainly with the mother, daycare and health care. Also help with food and clothing and diapers. They determine the amount to be paid by looking at the fathers income.

Answer by Robert
I think about $ 250. a month per child or double whatever the court orders, whichever is less, so long as the custodial parent agrees to drug and alcohol testing monthly.

Answer by tea ali
I can’t give you a “decent” amount for child support…Every situation is different plus every state has it’s own laws for coming up with the amounts, but some of the men who run into financial difficulty don’t notify the court of their circumstances so that adjustments can be made to their child support agreement before the mother of their children has a chance to. If you just stop paying and don’t notify the court of your circumstances, that’s how you can end up being picked up and sent to jail.

Answer by christopherpaulberthiaume
A lot depends on the situation, and there is usually not a “one size fits all” equitable solution. However, the closes thing I can think of that is as fair as possible is this:

If both parties want custody, then whoever the child is with ought to fully support the child financially. So then, when the child is with Mom, then Mom pays, and when the child is with Dad, then Dad pays. In this scenario, each party maintains their own separate residence, and feeds the child when it is with them, each party keeps a separate wardrobe at their residence for the child, each parent keeps separate toys, electronics, etc., and otherwise provides for the child, whatever the child needs. Thus, there really would not be any need for any income redistribution, which is usually nothing short of a rip off anyway, and which usually just breeds hatred and resentment, more than anything else.

If one parent wants custody of the child and the other does not, then the one who does not ought to pay a percentage of his or her income to the parent who voluntarily takes custody. Since incomes vary, the amount will vary.

If neither parent wants custody, then the child ought to preferably be placed with close relatives, and both parents ought to pay a percentage of their income to whoever is caring for the child.

As a percentage, I think a fair amount is somewhere around 10% t0 15% of income, depending on the child(ren)’s needs and circumstances.

I don’t think that either parent ought to be able to siphon off the other parent’s income, call it “child support” to salve their conscience and justify such theivery, and then use the money to keep themselves in the lifestyle they had grown accustomed to enjoying during the marriage, while only a little bit of the money trickles down to the child. Whoever receives any “child support” money ought to be required to provide receipts to the one who pays, right down to the very last penny. The one who pays also ought to have some say in how the money is spent.

Answer by atheleticman_fan
Like the courts really care about what’s decent?! Most states have a calculator based on both parent’s income, who has custody and how much time is spent at each home. You can get it through Superior court websites.
Few parents keep good records on how much they spend on food and clothing, but if they did, they would be better able to manipulate the calculator to show what the cost of living for their offspring truely is. (Most dad’s haven’t been paying attention to how much shoes cost when kid’s feet go through three sizes in one year.)
If I did have an opinion, CS has to be individual because each family has unique needs and the cost of living is different everywhere.
I do think the courts are biased towards helping the mothers more than fathers. There are a lot of fathers out there who are much better parents than their partners! …and there are a lot of women out to “git” their ex husbands over CS. There are also a lot of fathers trying to avoid their responsibility. And there are dads who pay CS and never see their children!

Answer by Jesus and Michelle

One child… 25% of net income
Two childrenen… 35% of net income
Three childrends…45% of net income
Four childrends…55% of net income

because the parent is responsible for the child. Period!

Please help!! How much weight should my 1 year old gain each month?

Posted in Toddlers on 27th March 2014

Please help!! How much weight should my 1 year old gain each month?
My daughter is very picky. I try all kinds of things but she won’t eat much. This has just started like 1 1/2 months ago. I am getting worried becuase she hasn’t put on any weight. She weighs the same as she did then. she weighs 20.6 pounds. and she is verry tall. She has been fussing alot lately, I think she may be getting her molars in. Any advice? She will eat somthing one day and thenn not the next.

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Answer by iamjustcurious
If your daughter was a full term, average weight baby at birth, then she is right on track. At twelve months, she might be getting her eye and stomach teeth, but not her molars until she is about two. The eye and stomach teeth [the pointy ones on the top and bottom, either side of the top and bottom 4 teeth], can cause her to go off her food a little. Don’t worry, just keep up her fluids and offer her a variety of food at meal times and she will be fine.

Answer by kitty81301
Don’t worry about her, if you give her the food and she doesn’t want to eat it then she is not going to. Most children will not starve themselves. Some kids don’t gain weight every month my son has been the same weight for the past couple months. If it is her teeth then give a small dose of Tylenol and if its still bothering you take her to her pediatrician. Just relax a little because children do feed off your anxiety

Answer by western b
She sounds like she is doing all the “normal toddler” things 🙂 When my son hit his first birthday, he went from being a human garbage disposal, to eating like a bird! His pediatrician told me I should expect him to gain 4 pounds between his first and second birthday…so just over 5oz a month…hardly anything compared to the first year! He also told me to expect a toddler to eat either one large meal a day or to have one whole day of good eating every three days 🙂 Just keep offering nutritious snacks and meals throughout the day and she will eat when she is hungry!!

As far as the molars are concerned…my son cut his first set of molars at 14 months (all four of them at once!) I found he actually enjoyed toasted bagels the most when he was teething because chewing the bread was like a massage for his gums 🙂 I would just toast one with some cheese on top to sneak in a bit of protein and he gobbled it up 🙂