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Clorox Explains Emoji Tweet That Many Thought Was Weirdly Racist

Some long-awaited ethnically diverse emojis were added to iOS today, and all the world is pleased. Well, the world was pleased until it saw this Clorox tweet. The brand sent out an odd plotting Wednesday sundown featuring a pot of its boost made up of emojis, and the line, “New emojis are alright but where’s […]

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Disney built entirely 8-bit Street in London ‘Wreck-It Ralph’

Disney carry a digit of London streets with cool embellishments for 8-bit funding Wreck He Ralph , its full-part manufacture nerdbait retro visual style, which was reflected by the exhibition of sculptures by Disney. 8-bit gravestone can be tiresome, and the lack of precision, it can be hard to tell what gear are now and […]

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