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Rating: Ozone Journal of Peter Balakian

on Ozone Journal of Peter Balakian this code These two works – together with the long poem that the second portion of each of these volumes, a series starting inhabited the Ziggurat (as “A-Train / Ziggurat / Elegy”) and in Ozone sheet on (as the same name “Ozone Journal”) – to refine Balakian … Read […]

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Landon Donovan Is a Good Sport About His World Cup Snub in This Great New Ad

Life is good for Landon Donovan, even though he isn't playing in the 2014 World Cup—at least according to this new ad for EA Sports. Instead of participating in the world's biggest sporting event, the U.S. soccer icon is rolling out of bed late in the morning and chilling in his terry cloth bathrobe, enjoying […]

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JPMorgan learns it’s hard to hold a Twitter Q & A If everyone hates you on Twitter

The Internet is not only not Remember , beat it around if you say it works. JPMorgan Chase, which has accumulated more than 30 billion dollars in fines and court costs, announced a Twitter conversation earlier this week, a Q & A with JPMorgan Vice Chairman Jimmy Lee.

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