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HTC: Hold the Crown

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Everlast’s Inspiring Ad With This Girl Boxing Packs Quite a Punch

Boxing gear company Everlast lands a blow against sexism in "I'm a Boxer," a minute-long spot directed by Claire Edmondson through Steam Films. Scenes of a young girl shadow boxing and psyching herself up are intercut with footage of adult fighters in the ring. The girl imagines a world in which athletes' performance is more […]

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Here’s the Simple, Powerful Starbucks Ad You Probably Missed on MLK Day

Amid all the dubious tweets and outright fails from advertisers on Martin Luther King Jr. Day this past Monday, here's a little gem from Starbucks that flew under the radar. "It's time to look at things differently. Again," says the copy in the newspaper version of the ad, which ran in The New York Times. […]

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Boston Pizza: The parkour enthusiast ninja

Advertising Agency: Miami Ad School, New York, USA Art Directors / Copywriters: Frank Garcia, Giulia Magaldi Published: January 2015

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Royal Life Saving: Sinker – Corbin

Advertising Agency: 303Lowe, Sydney, Australia Executive Creative Director: Richard Morgan Copywriter: David Biddle Art Director: Sal Cavallaro Head of Art: Adam Whitehead Digital Creative Director: Phil Watson Sound: We Love Jam Planner: Daniel Clarke Photographer: Belinda Rolland Production Manager: Serena Rettenmaier Designers: Paula Cardona, Tom Davey Business Manager: Laura Dewy Client Service Director: Tony Dunseath […]

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HSBC: Thank you – Rosario

Advertising Agency: JWT, London, UK Executive Creative Director: Axel Caldecott Creative: Dominic Gomez / Rogue Films Account Director: Isabel Dunbar Planning Director: Adam Lotz Planner: Rob Alexander TV Producer: Carley Reynolds Production Company: Rogue Director: Jose Gomez Executive Producers: David Van Der Gaag, Dominic Gomez Producer: Sophie Weldon DOP: Oliver Scott Editor: TenThree Post production: […]

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Naughty, Bare-Chested ‘Party Santa’ Gets a DUI in South Dakota’s Holiday Ad

'Twas the night before Christmas, and inside the jail, Randy the "Party Santa" sat drunken and pale. Earlier that night, after drinking whiskey and rye, Randy tried to drive home, and got a DUI. Such is the fate of the flask-toting star of this holiday-themed print ad from the South Dakota Department of Public Safety. […]

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WWF: Polar bears hugging

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Denmark

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Suva Accident Insurance: Arm, 2

Personal assistance after an accident. Advertising Agency: Ruf Lanz, Zurich, Switzerland Creative Directors: Danielle Lanz, Markus Ruf Art Director: Isabelle Hauser Copywriter: Maren Beck Photographer: Rico Rosenberger

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Postepay Rock in Roma 2014: Rome, 2

Rock in Rome discounted by 15%. It conquers everybody. Print campaign for a big rock event in Italy – probably the most popular in Rome. Discounted for Postepay card owners, every Roman can finally experience Rock. Advertising Agency: McCann, Rome, Italy Creative Director: Alessandro Sciortino Art Director: Alessandro Polia Copywriter: Niccolò Lucchino Retouch: Lucy CGI […]

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Campaign to Plant More Trees in NYC Begins by Tagging Everything That Isn’t One

OK, it's time to play "Tree, Not a Tree." New York City has so few trees that people there might have forgotten what a tree is, exactly. At least, that's the tongue-in-cheek idea behind the New York Restoration Project's new campaign from ad agency Tierney. The effort involves tagging objects around the city (especially in […]

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The Walt Disney Company: Babble Chorus

Advertising Agency: Niña, Argentina General Creative Directors: Pablo Alvarez Travieso, Gonzalo Vecino Executive Producer: Federico Videtta Producer: Anita Pillado Producer: Primo Director: Santiago Elias Executive Producer: Caro Cordini Photography Director: Nicolás Trovato Postproduction: Wolf vfx Sound: Notdeaf Sound Design Music: Animal Music Sound Studio: Notdeaf Sound Design

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WWF India: Elephant

Time is running out for them, not for plastic. Be a responsible tourist. Get involved today. Art Director / Photographer: Deepak Malhotra Copywriter: Twisha Sharma Published: October 2013

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Who’s Your Daddy? Definitely Not Scooter the Neutered Cat

When it comes to PSAs about controlling the pet population, most of us have come to expect well-intentioned lectures from the likes of Bob Barker.  Enter Scooter, the neutered cat, ironic love child of Barney Miller and Shaft. He's the coolest cat on the block, ya jive turkey, with "hip spectacles, no testicles." What this pimp-ass cat lacks […]

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Norma: Pig

Colors of the imagination. Advertising Agency: DDB, Colombia Chief Creative Officers: Rodrigo Bolivar, Rodrigo Dávila Creative Directors: Marco Muñoz, Daniel Calle, Viviana Rosero Copywriter: Andrés Estrada Art Director: Mauricio Cortés Producer: Sandra Urrego Executives: Hamilton Peña, Isabel Cristina Serna Photographer: Augusto Cartagena

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Miami Ad School / ESPM: Dumb ways to die spoof

Watch the spoof of an ad that is widely known all around the world thanks to 70+ million views, and a Cannes Grand Prix winner: Dumb Ways to Die. The spoof shows the hard life of a creative. Advertising Agency: Y&R, Brazil

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Alzheimer’s Association: Husband

“Husband” by Alzheimer’s Advertising Agency: Grupo Gallegos, USA Creative Directors / Art Directors / Copywriters: Pablo Bufagni, Curro Chozas, Saul Escobar Illustrator: Reinobuenosaires Photographer: Maggie Zulovic Producer: Carlos Barciela Published: February 2014

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Trygg Trafikk, The Norwegian Council for Road Safety: A dog tons

a sudden stop to 50 km / hr, your dog receives 40 times heavier. Make sure everyone and everything is set for the trip. Learn more tryggtrafikk.no. Agency: TRY / APT, Oslo, Norway Art Director: Lars-Kristian Harveg Copywriter: Jonas Grønnern Photographer: Sigve Aspelund Visualizer Thomas Bråten Published: December 2013

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Staples: Everything but the Big Idea

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See devilish Tweet Denny Auburn fans after BCS championship game

Raise a huge Cherry Coke and toast Denny for this great beep after BCS championship game & mdash; offers fans Auburn unaware roadmap for comfort where they eat their misery away on the long road back to Alabama. It is high, partly because it could so easily have been killed, maybe a little contemptuous nature […]

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