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Steve Brainard: House Speaker Mitt Romney

Steve Brainard: House Speaker Mitt Romney With all the current turmoil and dissension in Congress, I propose that we look for an outsider to act as a spokesman for the US House of Representatives. This approach is permitted by the US Constitution and could help to break the current impasse. My candidate for speaker would […]

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Ford: Wishlist Ford

Advertising Agency: Blue Hive, Sao Paulo, Brazil Executive Creative Director: Vico Benevides Creative Directors: Marcelo Mariano, Rafael Freire Art Director: Henrique Santiago Copywriter: Rafael Hessel Illustrator: Romeu & Julieta Published: October 2014

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Home Timber & Hardware: Bathroom

Advertising Agency: cummins&partners, Australia Executive Creative Directors: Ben Couzens, Jim Ingram Art Directors: Aaron Lipson, Frank Trobbiani Copywriters: Michael Davey, Chris Ellis Strategist: Adam Ferrier Group Account Director: Rodney Mooseek Sound: Dylan Stephens Agency Producer: Naomi Nienaber Production Company: Otto Empire Director: Justin Reardon Producer: Elizabeth Rocka Executive Producers: Jo Defina, Bill Doig Editing Company: […]

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A Boy Discovers the World’s Greatest Superpower in This Remarkable French Ad

Here is a really beautifully filmed commercial from France featuring a boy named George who has remarkable powers. It would spoil the ending a bit to tell you the advertiser, so just watch as George shows off his amazing abilities. The ad, made in English and French versions, was done by agency Les Gaulois and […]

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How to Pronounce 15 Brand Names You’ve Probably Been Saying Wrong

Business Insider produced a video that corrects common mispronunciations of 15 brand names. The voiceover sounds a bit like Siri—knowledgeable but snotty. Among the highlights, we learn that Guerlain should be pronounced "ghor-lehng," not "girl-lane"; Porsche isn't "porsh" but "POR-sha"; Zagat should be "za-GAT," not "za-get"; and Lululemon is, in fact, "loo-loo-le-mon," not "loo-loo-leem-own." (Some […]

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LEFAX: Fast food bloating, pig

fast food. Short relief. BBDO, Dusseldorf, Germany Creation: Christian Mommertz Sebastian Hardieck Carsten Bolk Wolfgang Schneider Art Director: Klaus Meurisse Copywriter: Christian Mommertz Illustrators Stefan Kranefeldstrasse, Klaus Meurisse Group Account Director: Silke Jessen Postproduction: Stefan Kranefeldstrasse Imaging Date: April 2013

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Skittles: Create the rainbow

class=”field-item odd”> div screen-shot-2012-12-11-at-05.05.55-PM.jpg fieldName body class=”field field-type-text with summary field-label-hidden”> : http://createtherainbow.com This holiday season, Skittles wanted to do more to most commercial holiday eccentric never unique. They decided to get more eccentric, the unique in that they, as you know – their fans. Therefore, instead of traditional advertising, we developed a website based […]

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