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Brand new Public Housing/”Projects”..Yeah or Nay?

Posted in Child Care on 21st April 2014

Brand new Public Housing/”Projects”..Yeah or Nay?
i read an article about all over the country the tear downs of public housing and how now a shortage of the ‘projects’ is happening. Now they say not to worry that they want people of different classes to start ‘mixing’ You know similar as section 8 they want poor and middle class to live in same neighborhoods instead of these mass projects….now I have heard two sides and want to know what you think.

1st side::: Doing away with projects and forcing a mix of class and sometime culture could do some good..Let people of a lower pay class or lack of pay class live in great housing and have some pride. CHildren can be safe without the usual drug infested criminal element in most projects

2nd side::: They are saying NO WAY not in my neighborhood. It wont work because even were cities have built brand new luxury apartment homes that are STRICTLY for public housing projects only have already turned to crap and continue with the criminal/drug element.

So do you think this is good and can give people a step up and some pride in themselves
Do you think no matter what you give them they wont care/have any house pride because it really isn their own. Occupants may tear them up and still keep having a criminal element to them becuase of no pride.

What are you guys thoughts on this?
*ALEX…I agree w/ you Wealthy America benefits from the poor and working class Joes….
I myself have never lived in public housing or had section 8 or even income restricted apts.. BUT when I was a young pregnant and single 18 yr old I was on foodstamps and Medicaid. I grew up in a trailer park myself and have lived in nasty ones when I was a young struggling adult but I still maintained some sense of pride. Keeping straightwith my life and I treated my dump of a place like it was my castle…But part of my question is basically all about House Pride and pride in general. Many poor people whether in a trailer park scraping pennies to pay rent or projects have a I don’t care attitude and become pride-less.. Now who ever it is(If you want to stereotypically call them white-trash or Ghetto). Does changing the environment or offering grander homes and middleclass neighborhoods change the attitude or do the same activities occur??

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Answer by Sim – plicimus
I think making apartment buildings out of all those McMansions that have been forclosed on would be kind of hilarious.

Answer by alex
It’s hard to say what to do with poor people.Everyone can’t be rich or middle class.We need a poor class to differentiate the classes of wealth.

Many rich supermarkets,landlords,and immigrant fast food joints would be bankrupted if these guys don’t get the poor peoples food stamps and welfare check,even the rich liquor store owner would close shop.

Farmer’s welfare(through gov subsidies),Coperate welfare and NASA out weigh the people welfare by far.

Perhaps we all should take a look at the problem seriously as Americans and seriously try to solve problems instead of people pointing one finger at one group when in fact they have three pointing back at them.

As Americans,we are all responsible for this mess.The people that are profiting from the poor,sending their kids to college off of section 8,food stamp and welfare citizens.Are the same ones complaining.

If you have an intelligent counter for that you may email me,if not just give me best answer.

Answer by Witchy
I can see both sides of this too. I’ve known many people who were on section 8, some were in the projects and some were in very nice parts of the city.

The first thing that comes to mind is the anger that I felt when section 8 people that I knew who were scamming the system moved to a very nice neighborhood. Here I was, working my butt off and all I could afford was a mediocre apartment in a lower-middle class neighborhood. They had a great neighborhood, great schools and a pool and tennis courts. I couldn’t afford to live in that neighborhood. Silly me for working.

I’ve seen some really bad projects though. My best friend grew up in one (and will tell you that the majority of people in them don’t want to work). Even the cops didn’t want to drive through there because they’d get bricks thrown through their windows. I really wouldn’t want anyone to have to live like that either.

I would like to see a time limit on section 8. If we had this, we wouldn’t need so many section 8 homes anywhere and it would give incentive for people to get off assistance. Too many people make this “temporary assistance” a permanent thing. It’s true that some will not care because they didn’t do anything to earn the housing but at the same time, if they knew there would be a firm time limit they might look into being more responsible.

I’ve lived near people who were the “I don’t care” section 8 kind. After that, I learned to ask a potential landlord whether they rent to section 8 and if they did, I’d look somewhere else. While I know that not all section 8 recipients are bad people, that doesn’t mean that I want to take the chance of a year’s lease living next to them. This was important to me when I bought my home too.

What is the most embarrassing thing your child has said in public (and probably pretty loud)?

Posted in Babysitting on 23rd June 2013

What is the most embarrassing thing your child has said in public (and probably pretty loud)?
Late in the evening of my second pregnancy, my four year old, husband and I ate dinner at a local buffet. While we went to look at the foods, a fairly strong man walked by us. My daughter shows and says “he is a big belly like you mother.” I wanted to hide in the mashed potatoes Best Answer (s):.

response from TEAC
I have to poop

response of diamond 2
yoa girls as we stood in line at the target it tilts her dress looks at the ticket and yells “I GOT BOOBIES” learned to read only 6 years old at the top of their lungs

response of funky fresh
My sisters and I like to take things of the carriage and read it. So far the things he took embarresssing it has 2 pregnancy tests, many tampons, “special soap”

reply by Ashley G
most embarrassing thing for my 6 year old daughter said, when I said this guy was flirting remember Mama lets go to your girlfriends house and he took it the wrong way

answer by disney chick
At dinner at our favorite restaurant, my giggling 3 year old daughter starts and then says to listen for the entire hotel, “Excuse me, I TOOOOOOTED!” My husband and I wanted to crawl under the table and laughing hysterically at the same time.

Reply renae8003
my daughter is 2 and a half and also theres this guy I really like and he one day something outside work and my daughter and I were playing outside, saw they the man that I really like and shouting “HELLO SEXY MAN!” and he heard them, so I grabbed my daughter and ran into my house all shy and embarrassed about it!

response of Faerie
“Mommy, what does this mean pedophile!” Of course it is louder then it was sounded, but still embarrassed me a bit.

reply by karen b We were in the grocery line to daycare and my daughter said, essentially at the top of their lungs … “Hey Mom boys and girls have ______________.” . Makes me want to, crawl under the floor tiles

Reply pammy_6201
my husband and I were signing papers to buy a car – my daughter was in the session chair, as was I (not enough chairs for all of us). As I leaned in to sign the papers, my daughter said – and very loud – Mama, I see your ass! It did this every time I had to write my name – and that’s a lot when you buy a car! It was funny, though.

Reply by Brandie C
One day my 3 year old son jumped on the couch and hit his head on the corner of the coffee table. We had to take him to the emergency room of a broken eyebrow. In the waiting room he lifts his shirt and Saies “Titties!”! Everyone laughed, but a couple ver frowned disapprovingly. My face was blood red.

Is Riki Lake performing a public service by having her child’s birth filmed and publicly viewed at Tribeca..?

Posted in Child Care on 3rd December 2010

Is Riki Lake performing a public service by having her child’s birth filmed and publicly viewed at Tribeca..?
New Ricki Lake Movie Shows Real Childbirth
Star Is Seen Giving Birth While Naked in Bathtub
(April 19) — Celebrities have cashed in recently by selling pictures of their babies, but Ricki Lake is taking things to a whole new level with her latest movie.

In “The Business of Being Born,” a documentary being featured at the Tribeca Film Festival this month, Lake is shown giving birth to her second son while she’s naked in a bathtub. Lake serves as the executive producer of the film, and says the filming of her birth wasn’t initially intended for the public, but she hopes it will serve to empower and educate women.

In an interview with the Huffington Post , Lake says she made the movie because she wanted to document her “two very different birth experiences with my children. I felt like I had an opportunity to explore and question birthing practices in this country and perhaps be an advocate for mothers’ rights and better maternity care.”

When asked how explicit the film is, Lake simply states “I am naked at 195 pounds giving birth in my own bathtub. It can’t get any more intimate than that!”

This isn’t the first time a celebrity birth has been made public. Before her death, Anna Nicole Smith sold the video of the caesarian birth of Dannielynn Smith to Entertainment Tonight.

Best answer(s):

Answer by pusherhombre
I just don’t think so. If given the opportunity to see the film, I will pass.

Answer by Batgirl
I’m not so sure about the service part, but there are always those who would be interested in seeing it live. Takes all kinds, I suppose.

Answer by Zelda
I think this trend started with Yoko Ono recording her screams during childbirth. Anyway, childbirth is something that normal people would film only for private reasons. I always thought Rikki Lake looked a lot like my son’s college roommate (male), so I don’t understand the appeal her film would create. Of course Anna Nicole Smith’s c-section filming was predictably vulgar. How disgusting! I’m going to go watch my hockey game now!

Answer by ERIC S
no. she is performing a service to herself. “my baby being born is so important to me, how could it possibly not be AMAZING to everyone else? no one wants to see your fat vagina. or your bathroom.