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McDonald’s Finally Selling Bottles of Big Mac Secret Sauce, but They’re Going for $18,000

For a company no one actually likes, people sure are interested in McDonald's food. This interest often takes shape as vulgar curiosity and conjecture about specific menu items. I still remember thinking their burgers were made from vat-grown mutant cows with no bones or central nervous system, for instance. I say this because McDonald's is […]

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McDonald’s Unveils Endearing Super Bowl Ad, and Finally Reveals Its Mystery Currency

With no shortage of new advertising coming from McDonald's (for better or worse), it can't come as much of a surprise that it's joined Super Bowl lineup, too. Following a teaser earlier in the week that suggested customers would soon have a new way to pay at McDonald's, the chain has now unveiled the full […]

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Maker of Giant Tablets Has a Magician Accost People on the Street and Supersize Their iPads

If you could magically turn your iPad into a much bigger tablet, would you? Fuhu is promoting its giant new Nabi tablets. (They're available in 24-, 32-, 43-, 55- and astonishing 65-inch versions.) To that end, it made a new reality-style video featuring magician Adam Trent, one of seven stars in stage show The Illusionists, […]

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Volkswagen: Acceleration

Advertising Agency: Tribal Worldwide, Beijing, China Creative Director: Tim Paradise Copywriter: Wei Wei Art Director: Xie Su Group account director: Herbert Law Senior account director: Eva Zou Account managers: Linna Dong, Phoebe Wu, Mio Wang Planning director: Tim Schlick Director: Angle Gracia Producer: Colin Lai

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Audi: Swedish Snow Rescuers

Advertising Agency: Åkestam Holst, Stockholm, Sweden Creative Director: Andreas Ullenius Art Directors: Johan Wahlberg, Andreas Ekelund Copywriters: Kalle Åkestam, Viktor Jacobsson, Adam Reuterskiöld

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Erwin Olaf Exhibition: Waiting

Waiting: Selections from Erwin Olaf: Volume I & II, the latest work of photographer Erwin Olaf, an official exhibition at the Hasted Kraeutler in New York. To present his artworks in a bold, new context and illustrate his overarching message for modern humanity, Olaf also created a split-screen video installation – a 50-minute film titled […]

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Binsfeld: Binsfeld Wishes

Everyone knows our agency by our distinct yellow color. Advertising Agency: Binsfeld, Luxembourg Art Director: Julien Renault Production: Operation Panda Published: December 2014

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Huggies wipes: Messy thoughts, 2

When inspiration strikes. Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Chicago, USA Chief Creative Officer: Joe Sciarrotta Group Creative Directors: Dave Metcalf, Chris Turner Creative Director / Copywriter: Luissandro Del Gobbo Art Directors: Luissandro Del Gobbo, HJ Alicia Nam Post Production: Zoot CGI Photographer: Achim Lippoth Retoucher: Recom

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Burger King: Motel Case

Advertising Agency: Colenso BBDO, New Zealand Creative Chairman: Nick Worthington Creative Director: Levi Slavin Creatives: Brett Colliver, Simon Vicars Group Business Director: Victoria Graves Planner: Neville Doyle

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El Tiempo: The game of time

Advertising Agency: Sancho BBDO, Bogotá, Colombia Chief Creative Directors: Hugo Corredor, Giovanni Martínez Creative Directors: Andrés Norato, Claudia Murillo, Eduardo Carvajalino, Fabio Mendoza Art Director: Duvier Rojas Copywriter: Alejandro Tawa Account Director Total Work: Monica Nieto Account Director: Alejandra Hernandez Account Manager: Lena Garcia Published: February 2014

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If Yahoo really apologized to Google for Mocking down?

from when Google services apparently no one wins. Case in point:. Rival Yahoo is a coward to tweets, “Today, published a tweet, which reflects poor judgment and was removed” the he added Gmail outage world mocked note on Twitter today at 04.30 clock Eastern today delete Yahoo . “We apologize for @ @ Google and […]

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Libero Football magazine: waste

By: Lola / Lowe & Partners, Madrid, Spain Executive Creative Director : Chacho Puebla creation: Francisco Cassis, Sito Morillo Editor: Nicolás Gómez Cal Sito Morillo Artistic Director Bruno Nakano designer Nicolás Ordozgoiti customer contact Diego Barcala Oscar Abou-Kassem Director Customer Service: Daniele Cicini Account Director: Laura Gerpe Producer: Cristina Español Production Company: Blur Director: Federico […]

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See devilish Tweet Denny Auburn fans after BCS championship game

Raise a huge Cherry Coke and toast Denny for this great beep after BCS championship game & mdash; offers fans Auburn unaware roadmap for comfort where they eat their misery away on the long road back to Alabama. It is high, partly because it could so easily have been killed, maybe a little contemptuous nature […]

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The Top 30 Stories AdFreak 2013

30 most read stories on AdFreak 2013: 30 Fascinating ads say girls: “You’re not a princess” and “Life is not a fairy tale ‘ By Rebecca Cullers A small college preparatory academy has all-female Catholic in Kentucky a strange campaign via agency Doe-Anderson created, that tells young women,” you “You’re not a princess” and “Life […]

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University courses online free in Alberta “Dino 101” Jurassic George, 4

Agency: Evolution Bureau, Canada Creative Director: Rich Ford Art Director: Ben Sweitzer Creative Director: Steve Babcock Associate Creative Director: Dave Gonsalves Director of Project Management: Paige Kobert Producer: Jen Bernard quarterback Steven Young Blade Production Company: Children playing Published: December 2014

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Nokia: Copter

Nokia Lumia 1020 campaign in Poland, we decided that a traditional campaign would not be enough to show the main features of the camera. So we came up with an idea that would allow consumers to see for themselves why the capabilities of the Nokia Lumia camera 1020 are much better than the competition. The […]

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Link: Baubles

Christmas can be difficult. By: Big Communications, UK Executive Creative Director: Dylan Bogg Copywriter: James Cross Art Director: Tim Jones

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If the thighs can touch, Lululemon pants may not be right for you

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Racist tweet about Lotto quickly removed from the Atlanta Journal RSS

In recent years, many an unfortunate tweet have seen so-called professional companies but it could also be the most cringe worthy of them all be. This morning, scored the Atlanta Journal Constitution to say a tweet: The tweet linked to a short article about the winners of the lottery, the “$ 1M winning numbers GA […]

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Postal address of the company’s free vibrators federal workers during shutdown

If you are a federal employee with a small time Her hands has Vibrators.com something they would like to put in hands free! This is true, the hub of electronic commerce, the proud, “the best way to find the perfect vibrator”, unemployment is currently giving away free vibrators 200 to help per day leave the […]

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