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If one is to stay at home work so hard, why can not Republicans support welfare for single mothers?

Posted in Working Mothers on 2nd November 2013

If a stay at home mom is hard work, then why not Republicans support welfare for single mothers?
“.? Attacking Democrats How dare rich stay at home moms Now we can claim to cut spending on poor mothers’ Best Answer (s):

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We support them …. We do not support lifetime welfare for the disabled Körper.Was part of it you do not understand?

Reply by Texas Patriot
Mmmm, what are you talking about Republicans. Please provide a source to back up your claims.

response from beren
It’s just hard work if you are rich. If you are poor, it means you are lazy.

Reply thepewterguy We would not need welfare for mothers when their fathers had a job … But we can not sending 400,000 jobs per week over seas for two decades and expect to work there for the fathers … Can we?? Tell that to the Federal politicians that use two decades later Pushing “FREE” to slave labor “TRADE” to replace American jobs are “duty-free import …” They do not care what you / we do, because they in Communist China and like-minded countries to a job in the companies that are selling American jobs to invest time and tell the hundreds of billions from the labor differentials alone … Our government is bought and paid BY …… GREED …. These are Obama’s Department of Labor figures published every Thursday and can be found on Fox and Friends by 8.45 bis 09.00 clock clock. See it for yourself if you want to be released only with the raw numbers from the DOL … You will not hear them on another network … I wonder why? Figures published every Thursday for the loss of work for the week zurück.2/19/2012 … 348,000 New signatories Arbeitslosigkeit2/26/2012 … 350,000 New signatories Arbeitslosigkeit3/01/2012 … 351,000 New signatories Arbeitslosigkeit3/08/2012 … 361,000 New signatories Arbeitslosigkeit3/15/2012 … 351,000 New signatories Arbeitslosigkeit3/22/2012 … 348,000 New signatories Arbeitslosigkeit3/29/2012 … 359,000 New signatories Arbeitslosigkeit2012.04.05 … 357,000 New signatories Arbeitslosigkeit4/12/2012 … 380,000 New signatories Arbeitslosigkeit4/19/2012 … 386,000 New ArbeitslosigkeitInsgesamt signatory ………. 3,591,000 New signatories Arbeitslosigkeit.Das is lost “only” in the last 10 Wochen.Wie have many new signatory their jobs feel Obama’s election? Has 170 weeks of the term as POTUS Obama has America’s new signatories unemployment averaged about 400,000 jobs per week. 3 years + The average number of signatories is now at New … 68.923 million Americans who have lost their jobs haben.Ich a question for you … Is it time to wake up yet? Your voice on 6 November 2012 to answer this question. § † † § FNSʎɹǝʌɐ sɥʇıʍǝʇǝdɯoɔuɐɔsǝʌɐ ן ן ן uo sʎ

Reply by So easy, a democrat could do it!
show ….. That’s why we support the concept of two-parent households. Some prostitutes who got knocked up because she was too stupid to take a pill to not laze all day to earn my expense.

answer of How would I know,
Let me help you heal some of your stupidity .. There is a difference between mothers who stay at home and raise their children, not by the taxpayers to do it, and those who have kids popping and then expect the taxpayer to pay to raise them.

Reply by Peace through blinding force
Here is a simple contrast that literally 100% of the non-retarded OBVIOUS find:> Democrats CELEBRATE with more people on welfare, which of course is EXACTLY the same “more people need social assistance.”> Republican DELIVER leaving more resources for people to prosperity and all the Democrats that hate.

answer of Socrates
your argument does not make sense. Apparently you what made money from the government, it is what you think they should do.

Reply by Bad Wolf
I have to pay my own children. I can not afford to pay for someone else’s

response from Chris
Because when a conservative woman is a single mother she does not need me, and yes, there is a way conservative woman can be a single mother.

Anyone disappointed that Republicans hold the popular provisions Obamacare?

Posted in Child Care on 6th March 2013

Who disappointed that Republicans hold the popular provisions Obamacare?
I heard Republicans go on and on about “How dare you force it, that the health care company, to keep my college age kids on my health,” and also the provision to keep the provision on non-discrimination against people with Vorerkrankungen.Und now the Republicans actually support these two Bestimmungen.http :/ / Best Answer (s):

response from A-Rod Namikaze
The individual mandate is the worst part.

response from GOZ2FAST
Even a broken clock can be right twice a day … if that’s all they are good 2800 pages of garbage it should be so.

answer I’m losing it. you
are so over the fact that they complain compromised? This is a problem for you?

answer by Elana
Aw C’mon. Have you found out that most of the “I’d get rid of it all” is crowing only partison? Most Republican politicians know that this country is the health system in trouble, and most know that the insurance company stranglehold warum.Mein only problem with Obama care is that it is a half of a $ $ ed solution. If you plan to socialize medicine are doing it in a way that does not create more paperwork than it braucht.Der average Americans receive poorer health care than most of the industrialized world, which has a kind of nationalized health care. Perhaps not very rich Americans get excellent health care, but the average American. And of course, get poor Americans terrible care.

response from Brian
Actually no one is forcing insurance companies to those children to keep their plans. they forced employers to allow parents, these children on the plan and allowed the families, their children on the family plan to hold longer hold, the insurance companies would continue to discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions bezahlt.Soweit I think it is wrong to force a, company against an incident that has already taken place to insure. I think it is wrong for a customer, the insurance has to pay after an incident occurs drop though.

reply by Kiran C
requesting coverage of the existing conditions without a mandate before is a recipe for disaster. Coverage of children up to 25 and the other benefits of ACA effective in the first six months only adds 2% percent increase in health care costs. Create a guaranteed issue policy without the mandate caused insurance premiums to rise quickly.

response from u_wish_i_would_talk_2_u

Republicans who gleefully point out Blue State budget deficits: What went wrong in Arizona?

Posted in Child Care on 13th November 2011

Republicans who gleefully point out Blue State budget deficits: What went wrong in Arizona?
“After cutting budgets significantly during the past two years, the state of Arizona this year is spending roughly $ 10.1 billion, but revenues of only $ 6.4 billion will be collected. $ 1.1 billion of federal stimulus money, coupled with additional cuts, fund sweeps, and sales of state buildings reduces the current-year shortfall to about $ 2 billion. The gap will grow to $ 3 billion-plus next year, and a structural deficit of similar size looms for as far as the eye can see.

The budget gap cannot be closed through spending cuts alone… The bottom line is, you could lay off every state employee and not begin to balance the budget. You could entirely eliminate funding for higher education and not come close. Ditto for welfare programs such as food stamps, TANF, the disabled, unemployment insurance, assisted living, and programs for children such as child abuse, child care, and foster care…”

Best answer(s):

Answer by martinmagini
Arizona has an enormous illegal alien problem

Answer by God’s Reporter
3 words: Governor Janet Napolitano

Answer by dwoodall
Lots of illegals in Arizona.

Should have an open season on them, then the budget will come back in line.

Answer by Burning Beard
Illegal immigration.

Answer by justaguy
same as everywhere else. the retail and financial sector collapsed, so those taxes disappeared. not the fault of arizonans per se.

Answer by George Washington Deux
What went wrong in Arizona?

Senator John McCain “I don’t understand the economy”

Answer by Tommie Truthteller
Janet Napolitano’s administration wrecked the state. And there is a huge illegal alien population there running up the cost of public services.

Answer by warren v
Aside form numerous illegals draining the system, I’m guessing their congressman refused the bribe from the White House to vote for the health care bill.

Answer by John gibson @foxnews.crap
arizona republicans control house ,senate and govenor ,Whats the problem with the conservatives here ? all talk
Gods reporter/ would that be like Obama blaming the economy on bush double standard here
gods reporter /tommie truthteller janet is not the govenor

Answer by Bob G…The return of
Obviously, you’d have to see where the money is going and what is coming in the answer that question. It’s still better than having a majority doing that, like the liberal states do.

At a guess, I’d say the economy is the biggest problem. However, we must also consider the source of the article which is college and therefore most likely liberal. It obviously is promoting tax increases rather than cutting federal or voter mandated expenses, which should both be considered first.