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Q & A: How can I feel safer?

Posted in Babysitting on 31st October 2010

question of me luvin ♥ =) : How can I feel more secure ?
When I was 4, I had happened almost uncanny. This boy was 16 at that time. me and my brother who was 7 were messing around with toy cars. The boy came in and said to my brother under the bed to get and showed me his “soldiers”. Then he asked me to give him mine. But I knew better than I said no. But then he got on me and started with me. My mother knocked on the door of the room and told me to get ready to go home, so he would not go further. I did not know that what I did was bad until later. The boys mother was intended as a “baby-sitting” me and my brother. When my mother took us to my brother told my mother everything! could do all my mother was, the young mother to go and scream at her and stuff. But until today I feel uncomfortable around men, especially those who look like him. I’m straight, but it’s just that when I do I start to see some men feel uncomfortable. What can I do to get this bad memory from my mind and feel comfortable Best Answer:

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