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It’s True – Girls Do Expertise Dependancy In a different way

Ever wonder how addiction impacts women differently than men? Women experience a wealth of unique health challenges, many of which remain under-treated or poorly addressed. Addiction is no exception, according to Dr. Lipi Roy, a physician specializing in addiction. In a recent Forbes article, Dr. Roy points out the main gender differences between men and […]

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BAWX: An empty box full of possibilities

URL: http://www.giftbawx.com consumption is a bit out of control these days. Children would much rather have time with their friends and relatives and Bawx, the latest technology. Ok, this is a complete lie, but maybe if they had a Bawx with pixels to spend more time with people, and a little less time. In an […]

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Michurin: selection

class=”field field-name-body”> Where art meets the spirit

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